New Party Dresses From Pronovias: Funky And Feminine For 2018

The all new feminine and fashionable 2018 Party Dress Collection from Pronovias: the new trends for guests... you'd be silly to miss out!

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With Spring style coming into season, the hottest trends and collections of 2018 are being revealed. Pronovias, the leading brand, internationally, for wedding and cocktail dresses, previewed its 2018 collection of Party Dresses. In this post, you’ll see a mix of new trends and styles, where you can find inspiration for your wedding outfit. At Pronovias, they are conscious that with every special occasion comes a perfect outfit. The Catalonian brand has created an extensive collection, a variety of long and short party dresses as well as feminine and elegant jumpsuits, a selection of which can be seen in these pictures.

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Pronovias Party Dresses 2018

Short Party Dresses

We’ve compiled a selection of designs, all of different styles, that make up the collection and are perfect for weddings and daytime events. Short party dresses that you can flaunt by pairing them with any hair accessory such as headdresses or hats. Pronovias proposes tight-fitting and youthful designs in spring colours and pastel tones, made with delicate and fine crepes that outline the female figure, highlighting the different shapes with beautiful embroideries made with crystals and rhinestones.  

saveGladio. Credits: PronoviasBuy this dress here
Gladio. Credits: Pronovias
saveGradilana. Credits: PronoviasBuy this dress here
Gradilana. Credits: Pronovias
saveGrune. Credits: PronoviasBuy this dress here
Grune. Credits: Pronovias

Pronovnas have now moved towards more elaborate styles with more prominent prints and embroideries, low cut necklines and skirts with more volume. A mixture of fabrics such as silk and fine lace, ornamented with flowers and rhinestones, as well as more pronounced necklines. In short, dresses for the women of today with a touch of sophistication and elegance that we love.

saveGraciana. Credits: PronoviasBuy this dress here
Graciana. Credits: Pronovias
saveGradea. Credits: PronoviasBuy this dress here
Gradea. Credits: Pronovias
saveCailen. Credits: PronoviasBuy this dress here
Cailen. Credits: Pronovias
saveGleda. Credits: PronoviasBuy this dress here
Gleda. Credits: Pronovias
saveGlace. Credits: PronoviasBuy this dress here
Glace. Credits: Pronovias

Full Length Party Dresses

For the night everything changes, and it’s reflected in the style that the Spanish brand has chosen in their newest collection. Firstly, a wide color palette combined with the best beading. We see this most of all in the worked-in sequins, the metallic tones, embroideries and fine tulle overlays.

saveGlasgow. Credits: PronoviasBuy this dress here
Glasgow. Credits: Pronovias
saveGreda. Credits: PronoviasBuy this dress here
Greda. Credits: Pronovias
saveGradar. Credits: PronoviasBuy this dress here
Gradar. Credits: Pronovias

Secondly, jewelled bodices. They’re already a popular trend in this bridal collection – elegant skirts under the main design up top, giving the optical effect of two pieces in one.

saveGlutine. Credits: PronoviasBuy this dress here
Glutine. Credits: Pronovias
saveGlacise. Credits: PronoviasBuy this dress here
Glacise. Credits: Pronovias

Deep necklines and mid-leg slits make these dresses profoundly feminine without forgetting elegance. Asymmetrical necklines, halter-necks, bows, flowers, embroidered bodices combined with monochrome skirts. And another of the trends highlighted in the collection was colour blocking threading, which you can see in the photos below!

saveGlendy. Credits: PronoviasBuy this dress here
Glendy. Credits: Pronovias
saveGriala. Credits: PronoviasBuy this dress here
Griala. Credits: Pronovias
saveGrilas. Credits: PronoviasBuy this dress here
Grilas. Credits: Pronovias
saveGladiolo. Credits: PronoviasBuy this dress here
Gladiolo. Credits: Pronovias
saveGlaciar. Credits: PronoviasBuy this dress here
Glaciar. Credits: Pronovias


One of the most popular styles chosen by invitees in recent years are jumpsuits. And it’s their cosmopolitan and romantic touch that has made them a wedding/event must have.

Pronovias have also made these an important part in their collection. For them, it’s a classic look, inspired by tuxedo style, which is very different from other popular styles in fashion at the moment. With rhinestone sleeves and detail or lace on the back of dresses to complete the look.

saveGlosa. Credits: PronoviasBuy this jumpsuit here
Glosa. Credits: Pronovias
saveGrand. Credits: PronoviasBuy this jumpsuit here
Grand. Credits: Pronovias

As we have seen, there is a big colour range in most shades, from opal blues, pinks, peaches and greens with other powerful multi-coloured fabrics.

It is a collection that you cannot miss. Get inspired and take note of the recent releases for the Pronovias Party Dresses 2018, because with Pronovias you can always guarantee that you’ll steal the show.


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