Natural, timeless & relaxed: Becky Harley Photography captures the most beautiful moments of your big day!

You are looking for a wedding photographer that lets your heart skip a beat? Becky Harley's images will certainly impress you and your loved ones!

Natural, timeless & relaxed: Becky Harley Photography captures the most beautiful moments of your big day!
Memories for eternity. Photo: Becky Harley Photography
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The venue, the dress, the cake – there are plenty of details on your wedding day that deserve to be captured in the most unique way. Becky Harley Photography knows that both, the bride and groom are longing for beautiful images of their wedding day when planning this big event with their friends and family. For her, the tiniest moments of the wedding, like the laughing children, hugging family members or the family dog running across the yard, are the most special ones to follow with her camera. Today, we want to share her work and precious perspective on weddings with you:

Capturing meaningful moments

As a very relaxed and laid-back photographer, Becky Harley Photography always makes the bridal couple, as well as their guests, feel completely at ease. As a professional, she creates plenty of positive energy – not only on your wedding day, but also well before. For her, it’s very important to figure out what you wish for your big day. Therefore, she always arranges a meeting with her couples well before the wedding to talk with them about their ideas, wishes and hopes. That’s very important for both, Becky Harley as the photographer, and you, as the couple making the big step forward and getting married.

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Relaxed and lovely images of your wedding day. Foto: Becky Harley Photography

Relaxed during the whole wedding day

Becky Harley won’t be rushing about making a big deal out of anything on your special day. She will be the silent observer, hiding in plain sight, following the story of your wedding day unfold and capturing every meaningful detail. As the photographer, she will be telling your story through her images – emotional, joyful and in the most natural way.

You won’t find awkward posed photos in your wedding album with Becky Harley by your side. She doesn’t need you to pose in front of a beautiful scenery when you’re not feeling like it. Instead, she knows how to find those rare moments, when you and your loved ones are gathering and letting your hearts shine through your smiles. For her, it’s all about the genuine smiles, the unforgettable moments with your loved ones and having a giggle with the most special people in your life.

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Always as a silent observer with you. Foto: Becky Harley Photography

Getting to know Becky Harley

With your wedding photographer it’s all about the chemistry. That’s why it’s very important to learn more about the person behind the camera. Becky Harley lives in Hertfordshire with her husband Pete, their little girl Abby and their ginger cat-menace Bernard. She loves to make new memories, as well as revive special moments with her old friends and family – whether while a windy walk in the forest, a pub evening on Sundays or chilled evenings in front of her telly curled under a blanket together with her loved ones.

Her style reflects her special, lovely personality: With her as your wedding photographer you will be receiving natural, timeless and relaxed images that will always help you to memorize every wonderful detail of your wedding day. And isn’t this the dream of perfect wedding photography coming true? Becky Harley‘s gift for you will be images full of light, life and love – they will transport you back to those moments full of luck with your loved one.

You were always looking for a wedding photographer that could bring you this little time capsule through their images to revive your wedding day for years, and generations to come? Then Becky Harley, as one of the most creative and passionate photographers throughout the UK, is the perfect match for you!

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