Morocco: An Exotic Paradise Perfect for the Destination Wedding of a Lifetime

A land famous for its markets, wonderfully colourful fabrics and balmy nights, Morocco is a wonderful location for a whole host of reasons, and is the perfect place from which to draw inspiration for your wedding. If you’ve truly fallen in love with Morocco why not take the plunge and actually hold your wedding in this wonderful country. Or, if you’re planning a wedding a little closer to home, read on and feel inspired! The key things to focus on in order to create the perfect Moroccan wedding are: style, atmosphere, decoration, food, and even Moroccan beauty tips. We’ve got it all on our list below.

Photo: Stefan Hellberg
Stefan Hellberg
Photo: Stefan Hellberg

The Moroccan Bride

Think Moroccan bride, and think Moroccan dress: beautiful colourful fabric designed in a sari style dress. Of course a white, traditional wedding dress is classic, but going for something a little more unusual doesn’t mean that it won’t be timeless. It’s just a case of picking the right colours and styles that suit you.

Photo: Stefan Hellberg
jennifer stenglein 2
Photo: Jennifer Stenglein
Irene Sekulic Muah
Photo: Irene Sekulic Muah

If a totally ethnic look isn’t for you, and you fancy something a little less dramatic, why not go for some Moroccan accessories such as a hairband, jewellery or a shawl to give your wedding that distinctive Moroccan hint without having to totally commit to the theme. You could even paint your hands and feet with henna which is an integral part of Moroccan women’s beauty regime.

Photo: Jennifer Stenglein
Irene Sekulic Muah
Photo: Irene Sekulic Muah

In preparation for the big day Moroccan women often do a ‘hamman’ with their close girlfriends (a visit to Turkish or Arab style baths). Usually women visit the baths a few days prior to the wedding or on the wedding day itself – the perfect way to treat yourself and your girlfriends!

stefan hellberg7
Photo: Stefan Hellberg

That Moroccan Feel

It’s important to create an atmosphere that gives off the right vibe. We think recreating an atmosphere reminiscent of the Moroccan palaces is a great way to give your wedding a glamorous yet distinctive feel. You could approach this from a DIY perspective and get creative by making most of your decorations yourself. Often Moroccan-inspired decorations are easy enough to find. Make sure you include plenty of swathes of bright fabric, candelabras, flowers and lamps.

cien fotos
Photo: 100% Fotos
jon valiant
Photo: Jon Valiant
Photo: Joe Buissink

For the rest of the space, make your guests feel like they’ve entered a different world by placing floor cushions, throws and small tables around your venue. If you combine all this with low lighting and traditional Moroccan music, you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect ethnic-inspired wedding. The most exciting part of all of this? Cocktails. Not only do you now have the perfect setting to sip on drinks with friends, you’ve got the perfect excuse to serve some of the most impressive and delicious cocktails around seeing as Morocco is quite the pro at cocktail making.

Photo: Stefan Hellberg
decoración boda marroquí
Photos: Left – Ashleigh Taylor; Right – Joe Buissink
joe Buissink
Photo: Joe Buissink
decoración boda marroquí2
Photos: Left – Joy Marie Photography, Right – Ashleigh Taylor Photography
Stephanie Williams of This Modern Romance2
Photo: Stephanie Williams

Invitations and the little details

This is where you can have some fun. Why not go for a gorgeous and colourful invitation design to get your guests in the right mindset for your Moroccan-themed wedding. If you’re feeling creative you could even draw some of your own designs on the cards. Maybe even find yourself a calligraphy pen and emulate the Moroccans’ beautiful style of handwriting.

loving ibiza weddings
Photo & invitation: Loving Ibiza Weddings

If you’re wondering what to give your guests as a going away present, try thinking along the lines of something thoughtful and artisanal like Moroccan pottery, shoes or a little bottle of Argan oil?

the butterfly soup
Photo via The Butterfly Soup
Photo: Alamy

Authentic Arab delicacies

A Moroccan-themed wedding wouldn’t be the real deal without an abundance of delicious dishes, such as tagines with raisins and lamb, couscous dishes with tender vegetables, dates, potatoes, and hummus and pitta bread to pick at…

menu boda marroquí
Photos: Ashleigh Taylor Photography
Photo: Stefan Hellberg

For pudding, some typical Moroccan favourites include kab, a type of croissant with ground almonds, or baklava, little pastries made with pistachio and honey. It may not be edible as such, but let’s not forget shisha too! It’s the perfect way to relax after a meal, and there are plenty of flavours to pick from including grape, apple, mint etc…

menu boda marroquí2
Photos: Left – Ashleigh Taylor Photography; Right – Free People
Photo: Stefan Hellberg

Finally to make sure your wedding is as authentic as possible, why not organise some Arab dancers and a Moroccan band for you and your guests to enjoy well into the night!

roberto ramos
Photo: Roberto Ramos

The web is full of ideas and editorials with plenty of photos for you to take inspiration from, so why not get creative and start looking now. But, panic not – if you’re a little short on time, perhaps consider hiring a professional wedding planner who will have all the right contacts for sourcing the best Moroccan decorations and a great location too!

Photos: Stefan HellbergJennifer StengleinIrene Sekulic Muah, 100% Fotos, Jon Valiant, Joe Buissink, Ashleigh Taylor PhotographyJoy Marie Photography, Stephanie WilliamsLoving Ibiza Weddings, The Butterfly Soup, Alamy, Free PeopleRoberto Ramos.

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