Minimoon vs Honeymoon - What will you go for?

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, so you should treat yourself after all those months of planning and stressing!

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With the way modern life works today, many couples can’t afford to have a wild safari honeymoon immediately after their wedding. Whether it’s for financial reasons or for work/life constraints, more couples are opting for a minimoon over a traditional 2 week honeymoon.

So just what exactly is a minimoon? A minimoon is a short break or trip just after your wedding. They tend to be shorter in time, with a destination closer to home and remarkably cheaper than your average honeymoon. A minimoon could see you jetting off to a city break for a long weekend, booking yourself into a SPA for a couple of relaxation days after your big day, or even just a few days off work at home, reminiscing, looking through all of your wedding gifts and writing thank you cards.

So which will you choose, a minimoon or a honeymoon? Here we give you some top hotels for each!

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There are many honeymoon pros. Technically speaking, your wedding is the most special day of your life so you should treat yourself after all those months of planning and stressing! It’s probably the one and only time that you can justify flying first class to a tropical long haul destination and staying in a magnificent 5 star hotel when you get there. You get a good amount of time off work or away from everyday life to let your wedding sink in, to spend time with your new spouse and to fully relax and recharge.

Suggested honeymoon destinations: The relaxing Maldives, gorgeous Bali or the stunning Seychelles.

saveKayumanis ResortsLearn more about “Kayumanis Resorts”
Bali: Kayumanis Bali

Kayumanis was purposely designed as private and contemporary retreat that provides an unrivaled level of personalized service. With three properties to choose from, each one is a luxurious retreat.

saveDusit Thanit MaldivesLearn more about “Dusit Thanit Maldives”
Maldives: Dusit Thanit

The natural beauty of the Maldives forms the perfect backdrop for the facilities and activities on offer at Dusit Thani Maldives. Guests can dive and snorkel, swim in one of the Maldives’ largest infinity pools, retreat to one of Devarana Spa’s treetop treatment pods for a pampering experience or dine at one of the exquisite restaurants.

saveBanyan TreeLearn more about “Banyan Tree”
Seychelles: Banyan Tree

Be charmed into this exquisite slice of coastal life, where lush palms and tropical forests bloom and glorious beach abound. Take a walk along the beguiling Intendance Bay or soak up archipelago charm within your Creole-style villa.


We love the idea of a minimoon and there are many pros! Jetting off to a hip city for a couple of days of shopping, fab restaurants, sightseeing and cool cocktails. You can still be extravagant and treat yourself, but without having to stay somewhere with lots of other honeymoon couples and sky high prices just because you’re on a honeymoon resort. Something you don’t always get to fully appreciate on a tropical resort. Minimoons also allow you less time off work, and less time away from the children if you already have a family. Book yourself to a fab SPA hotel and you get the added bonus of having some relaxing treatments before you head home.

Suggested minimoon destinations: Best of both worlds in Barcelona- beach and culture! Stunning Seville, or kick back and relax in Croatia!

saveHotel W BarcelonaLearn more about “Hotel W Barcelona”
Barcelona: Hotel W

There are numerous gorgeous hotels in this cosmopolitan city that would be perfect for a fab minimoon, but very few of them manage to combine luxury with breathtaking views and exquisite service like W Barcelona. A destination that offers practically all year round good weather… what more could you ask for!

saveHotel Alfonso SevilleLearn more about “Hotel Alfonso Seville”
Seville: Hotel Alfonso XIII

Hotel Alfonso is one of the most breathtaking venues in Seville and is perfect for your romantic getaway as newlyweds! This beautiful location is the ideal place to create wonderful memories as husband and wife that will last a lifetime!

saveHotel Dubrovnik PalaceLearn more about “Hotel Dubrovnik Palace”
Croatia: Hotel Dubrovnik

Emerging from the gorgeous Mediterranean greenery, the terraces of Hotel Dubrovnik Palace swoop down to the very edge of the sea. A position so unique and offers you an unforgettable view of the open sea and the islands from every single angle.

Wherever you go, you can be sure that the first few days as newlyweds will be just as magical and perfect as you always imagined!

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