Mini-Guide to a Spectacular Destination Wedding in Nassau: Everything you Need For the Bahamian Experience of a Lifetime!

Here is our mini-guide to a Destination Wedding in Nassau, Bahamas. Tie the knot in one of the world's most stunning and exotic locations, all with the help of our guide!

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Getting married in the Bahamas may seem like a pipe dream for many; especially for those living in colder climates where palm trees and endless stretches of sandy beaches are merely the stuff of postcards and inspirational Instagram accounts. But, if you’re lucky enough to be getting married in one of the Caribbean’s most stunning locations, then this mini-guide to Nassau (the Bahamian capital and largest city) is just for you! Enjoy.

savePhoto via Shutterstock: alarico
Photo via Shutterstock: alarico

First things first. Photographers.

How are you going to document the happiest day of your life in one of the world’s most visually-pleasing locations without the help of a professional wedding photographer? We have included our pick of the Bahamas’ Top Wedding Photographers, due to their skill, professionalism and passion for their trade.

Sabrina Lightbourn

“I have always loved how a photograph honours a moment in time. Today, I still love the power of photographs and I work diligently to produce beautiful images full of emotion for my clients.  My documentary style, eye for soft details and my sentimentality for those special moments make me a perfect fit for weddings and portraiture.”

saveSabrina Lightbourn
Sabrina Lightbourn
saveSabrina Lightbourn
Sabrina Lightbourn

Lyndah Wells

“I fell helplessly in love whilst on a 10-day, Caribbean vacation and married that amazing man. My passion for photographing weddings lies in that same spirit of adventure and joie de vivre. Honest, heartfelt moments that are filled with emotion best describes my style of photography. And along with the many shades of blue and the beautiful light that can be found in The Bahamas, my photographs are classic & timeless.”

saveLyndah Wells Photography
Lyndah Wells Photography
saveLyndah Wells Photography
Lyndah Wells Photography

Mario Nixon Photography

“I’m primarily drawn to the technical nature of working with light. I enjoy the challenge of capturing it, manipulating it and using it to encapsulate and express my artistic vision. Each client’s personality and vision is unique. I enjoy the variety. I get to work in many different locations. Each location has unique lighting opportunities and scenarios. I look forward to the creative possibilities and doing something new. Weddings are fun! They are joyous occasions.  I have fun capturing them as well as interacting with clients as I do so.”

saveMario Nixon Photography
Mario Nixon Photography
saveMario Nixon Photography
Mario Nixon Photography

The importance of choosing a reputable and professional wedding photographer is paramount. Make sure that you feel comfortable with everything before proceeding, as your memories of the experience depend on it.

Click here for the Questions You Should Ask Your Potential Wedding Photographer!


Your guests will obviously have to find somewhere to stay while enjoying your Destination Wedding in Nassau. If you can envisage sunning yourself by the side of an aquamarine swimming pool, whilst sipping on an ice-cold cocktail and enjoying the relaxing, Caribbean way of life, then look no further than the following resorts. You’ll be hard pushed to choose your favourite!

Atlantis Paradise Island

The world-famous, ocean-themed Atlantis resort is probably the most well-known holiday resort in the whole of the Bahamas. In fact, this mini-guide wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of the Atlantis. With almost 4,000 rooms spanning across its hotels (The Beach Tower, The Coral Towers, The Royal Towers, The Cove, The Reef, Harborside Resort), and a 141-acre waterscape named Aquaventure, which includes fresh and saltwater lagoons, water slides, river rides, marine habitats and pools, it gives luxury a whole other meaning.

saveAtlantis Resort: Royal Towers - Royal Suite
Atlantis Resort, Bahamas: Royal Towers – Royal Suite
saveAtlantis Resort, Bahamas. Marine Habitat
Atlantis Resort, Bahamas. Marine Habitat

Graycliff Hotel and Restaurant

The Graycliff Hotel and Restaurant is a stunning, five-star hotel nestled in the heart of old Nassau, mere minutes away from white, sandy beaches and set in lush, tropical gardens. Originally an 18th-century mansion, it now boasts 20 beautifully appointed guest rooms, two magnificent swimming pools, gym services and the Caribbean’s first five-star restaurant.

The Romance Package includes a lovers’ culinary lesson, and chocolate and spirit tasting at Graycliff Chocolatier, where the couple will learn the art of chocolate making, and how to pair it with premium rum, whisky, port and more.

saveGraycliff Hotel & Restaurant
Graycliff Hotel & Restaurant
saveGraycliff Luxury Room A
Graycliff Hotel & Restaurant – Luxury Room A

Next up guys, EATERIES.

 Between all the spectacular wedding festivities that will be taking place during your trip to Nassau, it’s absolutely imperative that you experience some of the most fantastic food on the island. Both typical Bahamian food, as well as international cuisine – the following eateries are likely to blow your socks off.

Ristorante Luciano’s of Chicago

Luciano’s is the gateway between Bahamian and Tuscan cuisine. Bringing fresh and innovative Italian food to the Caribbean, their extensive menu consists of fish, meat, AND vegetables, as well as the Italian classics we all know and love. Each dish is an explosion of the flavours and aromas associated with traditional Tuscan cooking – hearty, filling and delicious.

saveRistorante Luciano's of Chicago
Ristorante Luciano’s of Chicago

Luciano’s also specialises in affordable wines – most of which are Italian, but some also come from the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Spain. You have the option to buy most wines by the glass, allowing you to sample them before actually opening a bottle. During weekends, the bar becomes a fashionable hot spot for after-work cocktails and appetisers.

saveRistorante Luciano's de Chicago
Ristorante Luciano’s de Chicago


A French-Asian-inspired restaurant headed by executive chef, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, this is certainly a stunning display of some of the luxury involved in the Bahamian culinary scene. Dune uses fresh, local ingredients and traditional, Bahamian influences.


With a fresh and organic herb garden manned by Teresa Kemp, Dune counts on top-quality food that really speaks to its diners. Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this place is a winner if you want fine dining in an equally fine location.

So then what? Well, LEISURE of course!

Water Sports

If you are a true water baby, then Nassau is the perfect destination to satiate your water cravings. Practically a water sports paradise, it promises warm weather, pleasant, clear waters and beautiful views as far as the eye can see – what better conditions are there?

savePhoto via Shutterstock - Patryk Kosmider
Photo via Shutterstock: Patryk Kosmider

Try your hand at snorkelling and witness some of the most fascinating marine wildlife in its natural habitat. Maybe you’re more adrenaline-driven and prefer jet skiing or a banana boat trip. Want more white-knuckle action? Why not try out parasailing? Check out My Own Watersports, Stuart Cove, J.R. Action Water Sports for the ultimate water sports adventure on your holiday.

savePhoto via Shutterstock: EpicStockMedia
Photo via Shutterstock: EpicStockMedia

So you’ve eaten yourself into a coma, added ten years to your life with the speed at which you jet-skied across the aquiline waves, and now you’re looking for some down time. Superb. Carry yourself off to a relaxing SPA RETREAT and completely rejuvenate yourself.

One&Only Resorts

Treat yourself to a variety of spectacularly nourishing and relaxing treatments at this luxury spa. Why not opt for a 50-minute One&Only massage, or an invigorating Balinese Body Polish for buffed and beautiful skin? Massages are performed in a private villa starting with a Balinese-inspired Foot Wash Ritual. Prepare to be pampered while you linger in your private villa garden for 20 minutes and relax in your private hydrotherapy tub and waterfall shower.

saveOne&Only Ocean Club Spa
One&Only Ocean Club Spa

Address: One&Only Ocean Club, One Casino Drive, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Opening times: Daily: 9.00am to 7.00pm

Contact: +1 242 363 2501 (ext.64808)

saveOne&Only Ocean Club Spa
One&Only Ocean Club Spa

So there you have it! Our mini-guide to a Destination Wedding in Nassau. We’ve covered all the bases to ensure that both you and your guest have a fantastic time celebrating your wedding in the Caribbean. For more Destination Wedding inspiration, click here!



Flight Time: 9 hours (from Heathrow)

Residency: 1 day

Documents: Passport, photo ID, Birth Certificate, evidence of arrival date in Bahamas, apostille stamp, affidavit of civil status, decree absolute (if divorced), death certificate (if widowed), marriage license obtained in Bahamas, deed poll (if name changed)

Waiting Period: 2 business days for marriage license

Age Requirement: 18

Vaccinations: Hepatitis A, Tetanus (for consideration)

Embassy/UK Consulate: 020 7408 4488 /

Tourist Board:

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