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Looking through many wedding blogs and bridal magazines, we can see a very cute new trend emerging for weddings which involve letters, in particular the couple’s initials. Made of various materials and of all different shapes and sizes, these are appearing more and more in wedding photos and have become a fundamental part of any wedding looking for a unique element to add to many different areas of their decor. 

There are so many ways to include your initials into your wedding: centrepieces, cake topper, on your stationery or even as a general theme running through the whole day. Want to see some of our favourite love letters?

savePhoto: KT Merry Photography
Photo: KT Merry Photography

1. Solid wooden letters, with polished edges and block typography. They can be painted to match your colour scheme, or left in their natural form, with a simple coat of varnish to add a touch of shine and keep them from splintering. These work brilliantly as a photo prop or centrepieces: we love these ones in a silver colour, accompanied by a glass bottle with the table number engraved.

savePhoto: Alea Lovely
Photo: Alea Lovely

2.Wooden blocks, like the ones used by children to form words. These are perfect to leave all types of love messages, not just the names or initials of the couple, and will be lots of fun for your youngest guests. Idea: why not give them as wedding favours to any children or flower girls and young page boys.

savePhoto: KT Merry Photography
Photo: KT Merry Photography

3. A very simple way of integrating initials into your decor is at an outdoor ceremony or reception: making the most of your setting, for example on a spectacular old barn such as this one where the couple suspended their initials above the entrance, covering the letter template with natural grass.

savePhoto: Sarah Culver
Photo: Sarah Culver

4. A fabulous idea for a rustic or even an Eco-wedding: initials that are engraved by hand on a wooden stump. If you’re going to attempt this yourself, wear gloves and ensure not too engrave too deeply or firmly as to not chip or splinter the wood. This would be brilliant to have for an outdoor ceremony to place your rings on, or as a centrepiece for the top table which can then be taken home and kept by the couple as a memory of their wedding day.

savePhoto: KT Merry Photography
Photo: KT Merry Photography

5. For an original save the date, we love the idea of wooden letters. As well as having them form part of your ceremony or reception, you could have these made months in advance displaying your wedding date and have a cute photo taken with you holding them up. Send these out to your guests and we’re sure they’ll love them!

savePhoto: One Love Photo
Photo: One Love Photo

6. One of my favourite ideas, are letters and initials made out of Scrabble pieces. Ideal for a retro look or for lovers of board games. Idea: Use pieces of Scrabble to create table names or to have as signs on your dessert table or drinks station. They’d also look fantastic made into an elaborate seating plan.

savePhoto: Jeff Sampson
Photo: Jeff Sampson

7. Location, and where you place the initials is also important. We love this wedding cake that in place of a traditional cake topper has a letter on the top. It just happens in this case that the couple share the same first initial!

savePhoto: Once Like A Spark
Photo: Once Like A Spark

8. Initials aren’t the only way to use letters in your decor. This couple chose an ampersand, the symbol widely used in place of the word and. Each holding one side, as a symbol of Mr & Mrs. Beautiful on its own or used in between initials.

savePhoto: Jeff Sampson
Photo: Jeff Sampson

9. Last but certainly not least, for creative couples and lovers of a bit of DIY, these numbers in pastel colours are adorable. Giving a colourful twist to standard letters and covering each piece with wool or thread in different tones. Genius!

So now you see that initials and letters aren’t just for stationery, they can be actual props! What do you think? Let us know! @Zankyou_UK

Photo Credits: KT Merry Photography Alea Lovely Sarah Culver One Love Photo Jeff Sampson Once Like a Spark

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