Kit Harington and Rosie Leslie Are Getting Married: A Game of Thrones Themed Wedding?

Kit Harington and Rosie Leslie, the stars from GOT ,have finally announced their engagement! Brace yourselves...

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They’ve finally made it official… Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are getting married!

The stars, who play Jon Snow and Ygritte in the highly popular show, Game of Thrones, announced their engagement this Wednesday in an article published in The Times.

Photo: Cordon Press

They wrote: “This is to announce the engagement between Kit, the youngest child of David and Deborah Harington from Worcestershire, and Rose, the middle child of Sebastian and Candy Leslie from Aberdeenshire”. The rumours about their potential engagement came from a source close to the couple claimed People magazine, but it they finally confirmed it themselves, officially.

The Times has been used by many British couples for announcements, as it’s a tradition some like to hold onto. in fact, Benedict Cumberbatch, star of the series Sherlock and films such as The Imitation Game, did the same in 2014.


Photo: Elliot Wagland (via Twitter)

The couple’s relationship started onscreen; Jon Snow, as the Guardian of the Night, and Ygritte, as a savage for whom the warrior gave up his vow of chastity. And then the spark developed beyond the fictional tale and became a true love story that, despite a short break, resumed some time after.

“You don’t know anything Jon Snow”, Ygritte told Jon over and over again. It seems that, in the end, they both knew what they wanted.

Photo: Game of Thrones

The couple confirmed their relationship in 2016 and shortly after attended the Olivier Awards together. In addition, Kit Harington made it obvious in his interview for the magazine L’Uomo Vogue. “When you feel very attracted to someone and then you play their love interest onscreen, it is very easy to fall in love”, he said. 


Although rumours about an engagement have always surrounded their relationship, Kit Harington has remained patient, waiting until they’d moved in together and were ready.

It seems that everything gathered pace last January when Rose Leslie moved in with the actor and, most especially, in July, when news surfaced of their purchase of a mansion in East Anglia for 1.75 million pounds. Now it is only a matter of waiting to find out when the big day will be as well as all the details about the event.

We can only hope that the celebration is nothing like the weddings in Game of Thrones… We don’t know how enjoyable their day would be with people getting killed or poisoned…


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