Jenny & Arron's 2015 Love of London engagement shoot

Considering an engagement photo shoot, take a look here at where and why it is a good idea.

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So, you are getting married but you are really worried, concerned and a little apprehensive about having your photo taken. Well then, what better idea than to have an engagement shoot, you can get to know your photographer, practice with how you feel in front of the camera, re visit your wedding venue or even use the pics on the wedding day itself as gifts, thank you’s or a signing placard, making a real memory making moment from your extra special day. Jenny and Arron had an amazing and very fun afternoon with the fantastic wedding London Documentary Wedding Photographer, Matt Badenoch. Here is a little bit about them, their love story and their advice to all you future couples considering or waiting for your engagement shoot. 

Where did you guys meet?

We met on an online dating site called Okcupid and our friendship began from there, we were in contact and chatting often. A little while later we learned that I was going to be visiting the UK and we could actually meet for our first proper date and the rest as they say, is history.

When did you know it was love and marriage?

We knew that our relationship was getting serious as we had been talking about the possbility of marriage for quite a while. I went to Houston Texas to visit my mum while Arron was back in Hull getting ready for our trip to Paris. When I got back a week later, off we went to the city of love. We were there for three days, we had so much fun sight seeing and enjoying each other’s company. When we got back to the UK, Arron and I went out for dinner, he was getting figedty during the evening but I didn’t think anything of it. When we got home and I was ready to chill out, he got on one knee and proposed. I was shocked but very happy!

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What did you enjoy most about your engagement shoot?

We really enjoyed the shoot, Matt made us feel so comfortable and relaxed and during the day we completely forgot at times that he was even there. He truly captured the essence of our relationship and the fun of the day, we cant wait for the wedding and final images.

What backdrop did you choose for your shoot?

The engagement shoot took place on a sunny day, 31st May and we enjoyed some quality time at  St. James’ Park and then Buckingham Palace.

What advice would you give to other couples who are awaiting their engagement shoot?

Definitely relax and enjoy each other and the experience, don’t over think what you are doing or how you are standing. Make sure that your photographer has a good understanding of your expectations and what final outcome you would like to achieve.

What are you looking forward to most at your wedding day?

Seeing all of our family and friends together!
Keep an eye out for Jenny and Arron’s wedding, we have the pleasure and honour of featuring the big day. 

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