In Awe Of Ariya: Sottero & Midgely's Luxurious Collection For FW18

Sottero and Midgley - from one of our favourites here at Zankyou, Maggie Sottero - has returned to wow us with their FW18 Collection. A daring and unique set of wedding dresses, the modern bride is sure to find her perfect gown today!

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From Sottero & Midgley’s new Fall-Winter ‘Ariya’ Collection for 2018 emerges the sensual bride, the modern woman who wants a dress that is figure-hugging over flowing, with a touch of decadence and flamboyance. This designer collection caters to the whims of every woman who has ever wanted to be the centre of attention for her big day – but without being gaudy or overly ostentatious. Instead, these gorgeous gowns are sophisticated, stylish and draw the eye through their expert use of luxurious fabrics, heavy embellishments and contemporary cuts. Have a closer look at some of our favourites from the collection here…

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Ariya. Credits: Sottero & Midgley.

The Ariya dress, for which the collection is named, embodies the very essence of this collection. The contrast between the ethereal tulle skirt, and the richly embellished bodice creates a look of true couture, and combined with the embroidered illusion back, is still highly feminine, and very sexy.

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Avonte. Credits: Sottero & Midgley.

Lace is the most dominant fabric used by Sottero & Midgley for 2018, whether it is used as a base fabric, or in appliqués and accessories. In the Avonte dress, allover lace is used to stunning effect to create a dress that is romantic and timeless, with the fit-and-flare construction bringing in that desired element of sensuality.

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Bradford Rose. Credits: Sottero & Midgley.

The Bradford Rose gown is perhaps the most daring of the new collection for 2018. With sheer lace pannelling included for the side insets – which stretch from just under the arm to the hem of the dress – and a very low dipped neckline, this dress is at once sexy and provocative, without ever losing its touch of bride elegance and class.

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Canton. Credits: Sottero & Midgley.

Lace motifs decorate the bodice and skirt of the Canton gown in a uniformed pattern, with the combination of beautiful floral adornments over crosshatched tulle creating a dynamic and completely unique look. However, romance is assured in the lace armbands and sweetheart neckline, with this becoming of one our favourite gowns from Sottero & Midgley this season.

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Dakota. Credits: Sottero & Midgley.

The mermaid cut has not been receiving a lot of love this year in the bridal fashion industry, but we can’t understand why when they look this good! The Dakota dress is perfect for the body confident bride who wants to show off her assets, but also retain a sense of modesty through the lace illusion sleeves. The trailing train is a lavish touch as well – perfect for making an entrance!

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Huntington. Credits: Sottero & Midgley.

Simply put, satin is the most luxurious fabric that a designer can use for a wedding dress. The way it shines and shimmers with every movement gives it a magical touch, which can be seen in the Huntington gown. The contrast between the simplicity of the grand ballgown skirt and the intricate embellishment of the bodice is expertly implemented, and if you want to look like royalty, then this is the gown for you!

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Kingsley. Credits: Sottero & Midgley.

The illusion poet sleeves on this dress from Sottero & Midgley create a bohemian vibe for the dress, subtlely complemented further by the star details on the hem. Attention to detail is second nature for this brand, whose finest work can be seen in the intricate patterns of embroidery on the skirt of the Kingsley dress.

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Marcelle. Credits: Sottero & Midgley.

The Marcelle gown comes in two pieces, with the incredible lace overskirt available separately from the dress. Without the tulle, this dress is elegance personified – a gorgeous, figure-hugging A-line gown with sparkling embellishments reminiscent of the 1920s, and perfect for any occasion. However, with the overskirt, the dress is transformed into a show-stopping piece of bridal fashion.

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Nouvelle. Credits: Sottero & Midgley.

The Nouvelle dress is adorned with Swarovski crystals, and resultantly appears as one of the most lavish gowns from Sottero & Midgley for this season. The fit-and-flare shape and the very low neckline are very sensuous features as well, with the tulle skirt adding volume and drama.

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Saylor. Credits: Sottero & Midgley.

This sheer beaded lace bodice with floral details is at once romantic and sexy, and the optional veil, with a Swarovski adorned hem, contributes significantly to this theme. Alongside the shimmer satin ballgown skirt, and the classic cathedral train, we cannot imagine a better dress for a bride who wants to look and feel like a princess.

Sottero & Midgley have returned with one of their strongest collection yet, bringing vibrancy, luxury and intricate handiwork in their new Ariya Collection. Modern brides will be sure to find something that they love here, but women looking for a more traditional look will also benefit from checking out the beautiful lace designs, and elements of modesty interspersed. For an overview of the entire collection, make sure to head to our gallery, and find your perfect wedding gown with Sottero & Midgely today!

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