"I work on instinct and I photograph with my heart": meet artist and photographer Thylane Bliss

Having been passionate about photography since she was a little girl, Thylane Bliss has acquired unbeatable expertise throughout the years, which she uses to provide services to future brides and grooms in order to offer them incredible memories of their wedding day. Inspired by fashion and by the great stylists that she has rubbed shoulders with, the photogropher offers stunning photo-reportages which always contain an artistic and personal touch.

Capturing the most beautiful moments of a wedding is the aim of every photographer, but Thylane goes even further and gives life to her shots. She gives them a soul and an individual authenticity. Discover this talented professional photographer right now!

When and how did you get into wedding photography?

It’s a passion that I’ve had for as long as I can remember, as my first words weren’t ‘mama’ or ‘dada’, but…photo! I worked with the camera just as much as I worked on Maths and I was fascinated by all of the buttons and controls. I thrive on images and portraits and I still never stop studying so that I don’t rely on the knowledge that I already have. I think that would be the beginning of the end for me!

How would you describe your photography style? Do you have a particular technique or method?

I work on instinct and I photograph with my heart. A photographer’s style is his signature. This is exactly the same for dressmakers and, with regards to fashion, I have had the chance to meet several stylists who have taught me a lot. I ensure that I stay attentive within the industry so that I remain close to the latest trends to give my photos a certain ‘stamp’.

Thylane BlissDiscover the universe of photographer Thylane Bliss
Photo : Thylane Bliss

Which words best describe your work philisophy?

Love of people, artistic, and sublimating the bride. These are the three things that best describe my work, in my opinion. Photos are a passion for me above all and I simply want to share this passion for image, for humans and for union, through my photographs.

What’s your biggest source of inspiration?

Life. I love to observe, to spot trends and to adapt my photos for each client. Each event is unique, and so I try to also make each client unique.

Thylane BlissDiscover the universe of photographer Thylane Bliss
Photo : Thylane Bliss

What do you aim to get across through your photos?

Each wedding is full of emotion and sincerity. And that’s what I want to get across with my photos, so that couples and guests can relive these magic moments easily, just by looking at their wedding photos.

What is your favourite moment of a wedding?

When the bride is getting ready because the tension rises bit by bit and there is a particular emotion that always develops. Her family and friends are there by her side and you can just feel that they are bursting with happiness and pride. These are purely human moments and this is the side that I like to capture through my photographs.

Thylane BlissDiscover the universe of photographer Thylane Bliss
Photo : Thylane Bliss

Can you tell us a story or anecdote which stands out from your career?

One day, a great photographer told me that I had a beautiful soul. I found it very poetic and it really touched me.

Do you have any advice for future brides and grooms for successful wedding photos?

Trust your photographer and just let go, relax and enjoy your day to the full. The more natural the couple is, the better the photos are.

Thylane BlissDiscover the universe of photographer Thylane Bliss
Photo : Thylane Bliss

What happens the first time you meet a couple?

With a lot of empathy, attentiveness and sensibility concerning their expectations, I need to speak to them either over the phone or to meet them. Couples must trust me. As far as I’m concerned, a photo session must be marked with serenity, with agreement and with a quiet confidence.

Thylane BlissDiscover the universe of photographer Thylane Bliss
Photo : Thylane Bliss

What differentiates you from other wedding photographers?

My work comes instinctively, I question myself everyday, I only listen to my heart and I move forwards.

Keep the unforgettable memories of your big day thanks to the professional photographer, Thylane BlissIn France, the UK or elsewhere, don’t hesitate to call upon her artistic talent.

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