How to plan the ultimate Hen Party in 5 easy steps: Top tips from Label'Emotion

Check out these top tips for planning a super fun hen party!

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Dear all you lucky ladies who’ve been chosen to be bridesmaids: welcome to your new full-time job! Congrats, you are the chosen ones! So… take a deep breath, and fret not because our wedding planning angel, Label ‘Emotion, is here to help make this job a tad easier! One of your main, and arguably most important responsibilities will be to organise the Bachelorette Party. AKA the ultimate hen party! 

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Just follow these simple steps and you’ll rock the hell out of this hen party thing, and impress everyone with your super-duper organisation and planning skills.

Step 1: Figure out what kind of vibe the bride is wanting!

You are probably her best friend, and therefore know her like no one else (even you groomy!) You have seen her grow up from the party gal you did shots with at Uni, to the sophisticated adult you do shots with in the real adult world. And now she’s getting married! As a result, you know everything there is to know and therefore, what she likes, what she hates, what she says she wants when her mother-to-be-in-law is around, and what she actually wants! Use your power and knowledge wisely and plan a bridal party bash she will love!

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Step 2: Define the budget

This step is crucial! Because even if you already know what you want to organise based on what she’s always dreamed of, perhaps a champagne bath, followed by a caviar facial mask in a luxury spa in Paris is a tad extravagant… You can still plan the ultimate hen do, but you need to know what kind of budget you’re working with! Define a budget with all the girls and bear in mind that perhaps not everyone will be working within the same range and be ready to compromise. Remember that if you’re all together, the chances are you will have an amazing time wherever you end up celebrating! 

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Step 3: Plan out some super fun activities

Once you’ve got the budget down, you’re free to roam on the activities front! Are you wanting to plan a fun-filled-day of many different activities or one big main event followed by some chill out time with the girls? Have a think about how you want the day to pan out and choose activities that fit accordingly! If you’re getting away for the weekend, think about the different things you’ll want to check out and how the logisitics of getting around to and from places will work. All important for making the event run smoothly and maximising fun!

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The Bachelorette Day
This is the best option if the bride or any of the girls can’t take more than a day because of work, money, family… Whatever it may be, one day is plenty of time to plan a girly spa sesh, or a surprise dinner party. Whatever you do, get the girl squad together for plenty of giggles, gossip and memories to made!

The Afternoon Party
Start the day a bit later than usual if the bride-to-be has a pilates class on Saturday morning and just absolutely 100% can’t miss it… Afternoons were made for lazy brunches, or a classy afternoon tea!

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Evening do
Having trouble finding a common date with everyone? Well, this is the option you need. Try to start the night around 7 pm with a nice “before party” and no excuses girls, the party will definitely end at least at 6 am (nobody has actual plans in the middle of the night!) Choose a sophisticated cocktail bar, fancy restaurant, karaoke, musical, night club, wine bar… so many things to do!

Weekend Party
GO GIRLS! You have the budget and the time to plan a whole weekend for the bride. This is a big investment but when you think about it, you will enjoy it as much as the bride! Several options here:

– Leave the country, book something in a city she loves or has always wanted to try out. You can either book a hotel or an apartment for all of you to spend some girly time together in!

– Leave the country, book something near the beach, where you can relax in the sun!

Leave town, maybe one of you has a family house in the countryside and you can all go there for a few days! A less expensive option and still super fun!

Step 4: Create the perfect programme

As you very well might end up being the tour guide for everyone, good planning will definitely help you out. Plan each activity, time and place and how you will get there. It will avoid rushes and stress which is definitely not a fun companion for a bachelorette party!

Make sure you´ve thought about everything beforehand. Make a list and ask the girls to help you and divide the tasks: everybody can play a role in the organisation! Get her fiancé on board, they’ll be sure to help you with the surprise element!

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Step 5: Plan something fun and a little bit silly!

This is definitely a tradition, but you know your bride, so figure out how far you can go. A nice example if you are running out of ideas: Write down questions that each of you will ask her (during dinner or drinks), create themes, questions about her past, her present, her future. A funny way to learn things about her and her past. Embarrassing crush? Failed date? Secret lover? Hidden romance?

Got some good tips? With all the girls together, really what can go wrong? Whatever you all end up doing it’s bound to be a fabulous, unforgettable and perfect bachelorette party! Enjoy!

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