How to plan a perfect winter wonderland wedding

How to plan a perfect winter wonderland wedding

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If you’re thinking of planning a winter wonderland wedding, it’s easier than you may think. There’s no need to travel to the Alps to find your dream winter wedding! We spoke to international wedding planner Morgane Moré from French Wedding Belles who gave us her top tips for planning the perfect wedding at this frosty time of year. She gave us some wonderful ideas. Winter brides, take note! Read Morgane’s wonderful article below to find out more…

Of course a chalet, the magical atmosphere of snow-capped mountains and natural wilderness would bring a certain authenticity to your event, but you can make the magic happen anywhere. Just keep faith, if not in yourself then in your wedding planner!

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For table centrepieces, if you’re set on floral, the choice of flower can be limited during the winter season but you can still find stunning blooms such as amaryllis, lilies, orchids and tulips. White is a great base colour for winter weddings, but you can also add a touch of festive red too with some roses, anemones or calla lilies but be careful not to turn it into a chintzy Christmas grotto – unless that’s your intention! If you are not keen on flowers or are working to a tighter budget you can easily create the centrepieces yourself by collecting branches, spraying them white and positioning them in vases half full of imitation snow or cotton wool.

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Pinecones work perfectly as escort cards for your guests, dusted in white, with even a few flecks of glitter. Simple yet magical!

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Another great way to bring your guests into your enchanting theme might be to re-visit the traditional dessert table, with a hot chocolate fountain, piles of marshmallows, whipped cream and sprinkles. Cocktails could be created to fit your colour theme, along with the anticipated mulled wine, hot spiced cider and other traditional winter warmers.

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Brides: To make yourself look just like a winter princess, finish off your nail varnish with some shimmering glitter, warm your bare shoulders with a white furry bridal shawl and tie in some decorative jewellery, drawing attention to your hair. Everyone wears white heels so why not take this opportunity to enjoy a comfortable style and warm those toes with a pair of white winter boots!

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Don’t forget to arm your guests with plenty of fake snow before the ceremony. In place of confetti, you’ll be sure to have some wonderful photos of the happy couple conveniently dancing in the snow. If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, place a blanket on each of your chairs to be sure your guests stay warm and cosy. If your budget allows, add some gloves or woolly socks as favours. This simple novelty amongst strangers will be a great icebreaker (forgive the pun), something that will definitely make them smile!

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These small starting points of inspiration will help you carry the magic through the entire day. Play around with your favourite winter warmers and incorporate baubles, candles, mistletoe and other festive treats into your decor.

It may be a cold time of year but with this beautiful theme, hearts and memories will be warm.


Article written by Morgane Moré from French Wedding Belles



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