How to ''keep cool, calm and carry on'' if you are faced with white hot wedding drama.

Keep cool and avoid wedding day drama with these tips!

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Weddings are beautiful things; what could be lovelier than a couple joining together in the name of marriage, inviting the people they love and care for to come and celebrate their celebration during special day? Most of the time, everything comes together without a noticeable hitch, Congratulations are heartily given, guests graciously enjoy the reception and everyone enjoys the romance of the day. Once in a while though, things can get a bit heavy and out of control. Organizing a wedding can be stressful, and emotions run high as the wedding couple does everything to ensure their vision comes together. Here are some tips to stay composed and be your best behaved as tempers flare up.

1. Put yourself in the Bride’s Wedding Pumps.

savePhoto : Xavier López
Photo : Xavier López

Imagine: you’re hosting the biggest event you’ve ever planned in celebration of one of the most important days of your life. All of your friends and family are coming, as well as the friends and family of your partner. It’s possible an Ex may appear. You want everything to be perfect, you want everyone to have an amazing time and you want to be able to recount the romantic occasion to your grandchildren. Even the most organized, unflappable bride could crack momentarily under this kind of pressure! If you feel like your bestie has suddenly gone Bridezilla on you, try to remember: everyone has bad days. Imagine how you would feel if you were in her shoes.

2. Keep it in perspective.

savePhoto : Przemek Białek
Photo : Przemek Białek

A little secret every single one of our married friends has given us about weddings is, something unexpected always happens, but it’s almost always fine and no one else ever notices! So, the snags in the details that might look teeny tiny to onlookers may seem earth-shattering to the wedding couple. However, pointing this out is not advised. It is, after all, the couple’s business to worry about the details of the wedding IF they dont hire a wedding planner. So instead of rolling your eyes or dismissing their concerns, make it your business to keep it all in perspective, to listen, offer support and know without saying that everything is going to go great!

3. Do your best to not take little things personally.

savePhoto Credit: Norma Grau
Photo : Norma Grau

Sometimes we don’t always agree with our loved ones’ aesthetic choices or their seating plans. If you end up seated at the table with your least favorite Uncle, or are bummed out that you weren’t asked to be a Bridesmaid, remember, a lot of these things are mere oversights that can happen for a variety of reasons. However, that reason is never “because they wanted you to have a bad time at their wedding.” Many couples may have to contend with intense family pressure to put siblings, cousins or friends of the family in the wedding party and depending on the number guests, organizing seating charts can be a nightmare. Try not to take it personally! We promise, they didn’t do it to snub you.

savePhoto : Kevin Mullins
Photo : Kevin Mullins

With these three tips in mind, we know you’ll glide through any Wedding Worries and have a great time!

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