How to accessorize your 2016 Boho-Chic Wedding Dress - Hippy Chic or Extroverted and Earthy

Hunting for the perfect Wedding Dress is one of the most exciting aspects of planning a wedding for many brides, but even once the gown is found the wedding look is not yet complete. There’s still the hairstyle, the make-up, jewellery and accessories to choose as well! Today we’re going to look at some ideas for accessorizing your Boho-Chic wedding dress. Whether you’re going for a feminine, an elegant, or one that’s funky, fun and free-spirited, we’ve got some great suggestions to inspire you!

1. Take style cues from the natural world.

Photo: Sybil Steele from Grace Love Lace
Photo: Sybil Steele from Grace Love Lace

One thing to consider is incorporating floral, leaf and other natural motifs. Whether you opt for a lovely flower crown instead of a traditional bridal veil, or choose jewellery with intricate, intertwining, vine-like designs, these images perfectly suit flowing, airy gowns in rustic, romantic settings. Precious materials like silver and white gold are classic options for all kinds of bridal accessories and are excellent complements for the delicate beauty of this look. Other natural materials like Mother of Pearl have a soft, inherent shine which is especially suited to Boho-Brides who also want a beachy theme.

2. Incorporate world traditions and global influences.

Photo: Kane Skennar from Grace Loves Lace
Photo: Kane Skennar

Brides who want a bolder look can achieve the daring dramatical look they crave by choosing chunky statement pieces of gold or silver, set with semi-precious stones. Think of how gorgeously a brilliantly blue stone like Lapis Luzuli will contrast with your Boho-Chic gown and glowing complexion. One-of-a-kind pieces by handmade, working with traditional methods and modes are another great way to complement your unique bridal style, and are attention grabbing accessories from other eras. Using rare vintage pieces guarantees that no other Bride will be able to duplicate your ensemble.

Photo: Kane Skennar from Grace Loves Lace
Photo: Kane Skennar

3. Think beyond earrings and necklaces, and defy style conventions.

Dare to be different! Don’t be afraid to embrace things like anklet, armbands or asymmetry styles. Piling-on enamel, mirrored or gold bangles on one arm can create an exotic edge, ideal for less conventional brides who want that perfect look that reflects their love of travel, wandering and exploring exciting destinations. Another way to use asymmetry is with a striking side-braid. These Game-of-Thrones-worthy hairstyles are a wonderful canvas for unique hair ornaments or flowers to accessorize your bohemian bridal ensemble.

No matter if the hippie-chic you want to achieve is soft and feminine or if your brand of bohemian style is more extroverted and earthy, you’re ready to start accessorizing your gown and fulfill the vision of your unique bridal look!

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