Get Creative: How to Personalise Your Wedding Look

Most brides tend to stick to bridal fashions and traditions. Wearing an extravagant white (or cream-coloured) dress with a luxury air is the status quo. It’s been done for centuries and it’s what makes a woman look like a bride.

However, there are many ways in which brides can personalise their wedding look, to really make their outfit feel unique. Here’s Zankyou’s advice for creatively customising your bridal style, without being too daringly obvious, with three recommendations.

1. Hand-painted shoes

It sounds like a crazy idea, but really it’s a rather subtle way to add a touch of colour and personality to your bridal look. Schuhnique are the best known brand for this fun accessorising. Based in Germany, this artistic team hand paint shoes for brides all over the world.

The idea behind Schuhnique is that every shoe can be turned into a unique masterpiece. Each design is painted by hand with great attention to detail, corresponding exactly to your specification. Whether you want flowers, butterflies, meaningful symbols or calligraphy, there are no limits to the imagination.

Your shoe could perfectly match your wedding theme, or be a reference to the date and place of your engagement, as the ideal artefact of your love story.


2. Embroidered veils

Another subtle addition to your ethereal wedding look. How about personalising your wedding veil? Veils have been used by brides for centuries as a symbol of purity, and when it is lifted by the husband, it symbolised the consummation of the marriage itself. Now, you can add some more sentimental value with a custom, bespoke veil, like the spectacularly embroidered veil Meghan Markle wore for her marriage to Prince Harry.

Britten Weddings are leaders of the industry when it comes to embroidering veils. They design absolutely beautiful veils that can be personalised with initials or a wedding date. Their embroiderer, Luna, has a Royal School of Needlework degree and previously worked for Alexander McQueen.

Britten Weddings
Britten Weddings

3. Custom jewellery

Your engagement ring and wedding ring will already carry incredible sentimental value, that’s for sure. But how about going that step further and wearing other jewellery pieces that really mean something to you? Of course, there’s the option of wearing inherited jewellery, such as that of your mother’s. But if this is not an option for you, consider wearing a necklace, bracelet or ring with the birthstones of you and your beloved, or have something specially engraved.

Subtle sentimentality are the words to describe the unique jewellery creations of Jessie V E. This London jeweller takes customisation to a new level, with bespoke designs that can include star sign constellations, lucky numbers and braille messages encrypted on diamonds. Think jewellery with a hidden twist – something incredibly symbolic and romantic.

Jessie V E
Jessie V E

So, there are many ways to add a meaningful touch to your bridal look. They may be subtle, but they will ensure you feel completely unique on your special day, with customised bridal accessories to keep as artefacts forever.

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