Five Reasons You Need To Hire A Professional DJ

Five reasons you have to hire a professional DJ. In planning their big day, couples often undermine the risks associated with hiring an inexperienced DJ. So, before you take the decision, here are the five things you need to know.

Five Reasons You Need To Hire A Professional DJ
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In planning their big day, couples often undermine the risks associated with hiring an inexperienced DJ. So, before you take the decision, here are the five things you need to know.


1 – Professional DJs take their Job very serious.

The amateur DJ does it for fun and if something goes wrong it’s not a big deal. A professional wedding DJ, on the other hand, risks his reputation with every performance, and a negative review can destroy his business, his only source of livelihood, and he knows this (or rather… should know this!). Now tell me, will you rather have a full fledged entertainer handling your wedding reception or someone doing it as a hobby? I have in my career as a wedding DJ witnessed several drunk DJ performances which, by the way, were also repugnant to the guests. And let’s talk about those amateur DJs parading themselves as “professionals”… Believe me, there’s nothing more embarrassing. To us at Professional Wedding DJ, who have made style our priority, it’ s all “another music”.

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2 – There is a high probability of a low-cost DJ disappearing on you on your wedding day.

Most low-rated DJs run an enterprise that’s simply not sustainable in the long run. To them, this is a hobby. Not one to take too serious. So, do you really want to commit an important day like your wedding to someone whose business is likely to hit the rocks in the near future? Good luck with that.


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3 – For the perfect wedding, a professional DJ brings his skills and years of experience to bear.

A Wedding DJ does a lot more than just play music at a event: Wedding DJs are responsible for coordinating and managing timings throughout the day and working with other professionals present at the wedding. Years of experience behind the wheels of steel has made him able to read the mood of his audience perfectly. He knows when to high the tempo, to get the audience rocking on their feet. He knows when to slow things down to provide the perfect romantic ambience.


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4 – A professional DJ will get his audience rocking until the end of the event.

Thanks to a wide variety of new software solutions, a lot of young people are now improvising as DJs. This new breed of “DJs” have populated the amateur scene, having very little musical culture. Let’s not kid ourselves; it goes beyond having a list of songs preferred by the couples to make a wedding successful. A lot goes into play. A professional DJ, using his wealth of experience, can keep things running on the dance floor. He plays the right song, at the right moment (Moods often change during parties), and everyone is having the time of their lives on the dance floor. The usual lull observed with amateurs when they try to switch things up on the dance floor with a change of songs and tempo is absent with a professional on the turntable. And most times, the interval on the dance floor is the most critical part of the event. One dull moment could ruin the entire occasion and have your guests leaving in droves.

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5-Amateurs have no backup equipment to save the day.

You can identify a professional DJ from miles away. That touch of professionalism is always ever-present. A typical example is the availability of a backup system in case things go haywire with the main system. Things can go wrong. The computer can crash. There may be a fault from the digital mixer. A whole lot can happen. But who’s better prepared to handle the unforeseen hurdles than a professional DJ? I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been called up to save the day when an amateur messes things up. No backup equipment means a bride is about to start running a temperature except someone steps in. One DJ walked up to me recently at an event with pleading eyes requesting for my console. His was down and out. “Sloppy amateur”, was all that kept ringing in my mind. I sincerely hope your choice of DJ will be worth it in the end. Just in case your leap of faith turns out to be regrettable, I will be there to save the day once again.

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