Five conversations that every couple should have before getting married

Five important and relevant things to discuss to guarantee a longlasting and fulfilling future and marriage with the one you love.

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A wedding is the next big step in any relationship, the sign of commitment, happiness and a future! It is something that the two of you decide to embark on together, but have you talked to your partner about the more serious aspects of a relationship that will guarantee a fulfilling, happy and long lasting marriage?

Don’t become too lost in love with the organization of the wedding that you become swept away in emotion, forgetting important details that are vital to consider. Here are five, maybe obvious yet important things to discuss before you take that big step.

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1. The differences between you

Even though you are completely in love, you are two different people and it is normal that you have different opinions and ideas about certain issues such as religion, culture, education, free and holiday time, days to be with your family and friends… Having differences is always a complimenting factor in any relationship, but these differences must be realised and discussed beforehand. The most important is that as a couple you know the best way to overcome your differences.

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2. Children

Although you believe that you are too young to think about children, if you are thinking about marriage, then you are already thinking long term. Do you want children, how many, when…children are almost more important than marriage as they really are forever and ever and will leave you linked emotionally and physically to another person for the rest of your lives. Do not hesitate to have the conversation even if he does not seem to instigate it!

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3. Money

Work is one of the fundamental topics that must be clear among you both. You must know what both of your ingoings and outgoings are, this is more so when you are living together and planning and paying for the wedding itself. What is your budget for the entire wedding, who will be paying for what, what lifestyle do you currently live and what will the changes be leading up to the wedding? You must discuss finances and agree on who will pay for what and when,before and after the wedding, things must be fair and clear to stop any arguments or confusion.

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4. The house and chores

This is the cause of many petty arguments between couples so dont think its just you! It is important to make clear what needs doing, when and who will do what. It doesn’t have to be a routine but the discussion needs to take place. Start as you mean to go on and ‘iron out’ any potential issues now.

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5. The future

What are your professional career paths looking like, what does the current company you work for expect of you, offer you, a position in another country? Training etc? What if the option of a distant relationship arises due to work, what you would be willing to sacrifice for each other. These future possibilities have to be considered and discussed as they can arrive at any time, before, during or in years to come after the wedding.

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A wedding is a marriage, a commitment, a decision to spend your lives together, getting to know one another and making lots of promises and sacrifices for each other. Therefore start as you mean to go by being open and honest, upfront and clear.

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