Everything You Need to Plan Your Destination Wedding In Sicily

We have selected our favourite photographer, venue, caterer, florist and wedding planner for you to organise your Destination Wedding in Sicily from start to finish! Discover the best of the best, in this amazing Italian paradise.

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If you are considering a Destination Wedding, then you are on the right track to planning the wedding of your dreams. (If you aren’t 100% sure you want a wedding abroad, then you should most certainly click here for 15 reasons why it’s a must…)

Choosing to escape the unpredictable weather by jetting off with your nearest and dearest will be a decision that you won’t regret. But why Sicily? Well, it’s gorgeous, historical, authentic, vibrant, welcoming, and it’s sun-kissed by frequent and consistent rays, what more could you want?

Daniele Muratore 1

Daniele Muratore 2

Here we recommend our favourites from every service that you may need for the perfect destination wedding in Sicily – you can thank us later!

For those all-important photos: Daniele Muratore

What’s the point in travelling all the way to beautiful Sicily, if you don’t get a good photographer to create physical reminders of how picturesque and perfect your day was? A good photographer is key to enable you to remember your wedding day for the rest of your life, memories will stay vivid even when your own sense of memory fades.

saveDaniele Muratore Photography
Daniele Muratore Photography

Daniele Muratore is one of Sicily’s best wedding photographers. As you can see from his photos, he manages to capture each couple’s love perfectly against the romantic backdrop that this Italian paradise has to offer.

According to Daniele, wedding photography celebrates the love of a couple, just like the wedding itself. Each photo should be nostalgic, evoking that same affection and admiration felt in the moment, just with one glance at the photo album. As a professional, Daniele’s photography style focuses on the spontaneous and the natural, and he aims to go unnoticed throughout the ceremony and reception so as not to affect the natural conduct of the day. But he is flexible with what he can do, especially when you need him for those artistic poses of just you and your loved one taking in the view or romantically embracing.

saveDaniel Muratore Photography
Daniel Muratore Photography

With delicacy, discretion and precise attention to detail, no part of your destination wedding in Italy will go unnoticed by Daniele Muratore.

saveDaniele Muratore PhotographyLearn more about “Daniele Muratore Photography”
Daniele Muratore Photography

For a breath-taking venue: San Domenico Palace Taormina

A five-star hotel and wedding venue situated in the most authentic, beautiful old monastery. What could be more romantic than a medieval backdrop to your wedding, surrounded by the bluest of Meditterenean seas and skies?

saveSan Domenico Palace Taormina
San Domenico Palace Taormina


saveSan domenico palace
San Domenico Palace

This palace wedding venue has everything you need from the most amazing views, to talented chefs and wedding planning staff. As it is also a hotel, you can be assured that your guests will enjoy a luxurious getaway whilst coming to watch the most precious day of your life.

These pictures say it all, don’t they? You wouldn’t get views this amazing when marrying close to home!

saveSan domenico palace
San Domenico Palace


savesan domenico 4
San Domenico Palace

For the big feed: Antonio Perrone Banqueting

After the delight of seeing you looking stunning on your special day, the next thing on the guests mind is, of course, the food. By having your wedding abroad, you will naturally cut down on guest numbers, and so you will have fewer mouths to feed, allowing you to really make sure that the cuisine at your wedding is nothing less than gourmet.

saveAntonio Perrone Banqueting 1
Antonio Perrone Banqueting

With Antonio Perrone Banqueting, you can be assured that your guests will enjoy a first-class gastronomic experience, made from fresh ingredients and presented as beautifully as you will be. Both the menu and its theme is tailored to your tastes. Whether your wedding style is vintage, stylish, shabby, or luxury, Antonio Perrone Banqueting will adapt the set up of the buffet and the meal to your requirements.

Many hotel venues will have their own catering services as part of your destination wedding package, but if they lack in this department, you now know who to call!

saveAntonio Perrone Banqueting 3
Antonio Perrone Banqueting
saveantonio perrone banqueting 2
Antonio Perrone Banqueting

For a floral affair: Michelangelo Finocchiaro Flower Designers

Beautiful flowers have the power to make any venue look good, but in the breath-taking surroundings of Sicily, you won’t have a decor problem. Instead, with Michelangelo Finocchiaro you can pick from a plethora of shades and create subtle, harmonious styles that suit the already blissful atmosphere.

savesicily florist 1
Michelangelo Finocchiaro Flower Designer
saveSicily florist 2
Michelangelo Finocchiaro Flower Designer

The wonders that Michelangelo Finocchiaro can do with flowers becomes clear in the pictures: these floral creations will enhance whatever landscape or venue you choose, with a stylish and fresh design. You will be spoiled for choice!

To make sure everything goes according to plan: Brilliant Wedding Sicily

The good thing about jetting off abroad for your wedding is that it’s often much less stressful. This is because, in most places, you’ll need to hire a wedding planner that knows the destination from the inside out; someone that speaks the language and knows the legal requirements for marriage ceremonies. In Sicily, look no further than Brilliant Wedding!

saveBrilliant Wedding
Brilliant Wedding Sicily

Erika Macauda and Simona Assenza Parisi, the Brilliant Wedding team, are event planning experts that will organise every detail of your destination wedding so that you don’t have to worry. For them, wedding planning is an art. They are inspired by everyday life, past experiences, travel and their liberal arts education has no doubt helped to create their bank of endless, original and creative ideas.

saveBrilliant Wedding 2
Brilliant Wedding Sicily

So there you have it, our top picks in Sicily, from the most talented photographer to a perfect florist! Now you have no reason to deny you and your guests the chance to enjoy this stunning Italian paradise for your wedding!

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