Europe's Calling: See The Hottest Places To Get Married This Year

Looking for a warm and romantic place to celebrate your special day? Take a look in our beloved Europe, you won't have to look too far...

Europe's Calling: See The Hottest Places To Get Married This Year
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If you’re looking to get married in one of the most romantic locations in the world, you’ve come to the right place. There is no doubt that Europe is home to some of the most beautiful locations in the world. It’s simple; it is elegant, warm, with the perfect amount of ancient attractions and a cuisine that could influence anyone to hop on a plane and take a visit.

Once you have started wedding planning, though, you will realise that choosing a venue is not so simple. There are a sea of options and so knowing which ones are worthy of taking a visit to, is crucial. This year we are loving these amazing locations, so if you want to learn from the experts, continue reading!

Castello Benso di Mercenasco

Located in the hills of Canavese, the Castello Benso di Mercenasco is the ideal place to host your friends and family on one of – undoubtedbly – the most amazing days of your life. With it’s evocative spaces, the castle boasts both interior and exterior style. Adapting to your day, the team who run this impressive complex are experienced in making the most of the location as per the capacity of your event, or indeed the change climate.

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Castello Benso di Mercenasco

Palazzo Boncompagni

The beautiful palace dates back to the fourteenth century. Located at the heart of the city of Bologna, its interior matches the elegance of its exterior. The unique Sala del Papa, the place where Pope Gregory XIII received the public, can be reinvented to suit the theme and style of your wedding day, meaning you can host a day that stays true to your and your partner’s personalities, while maintaining the tradition structure of the 15th century façade.

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Palazzo Boncompagni


This venue evokes the most relaxing of senses. Promising eternal love to your loved one before the infinite, almost unreal, sea is a truly dream setting on the coast of Torregaveta. With many amenities such as the swimming pool, garden and marquee, you can guarantee that while you’re having an incredible experience, so are your guests!

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Villa Quaranta

This exceptional venue, just a few steps from the romantic Verona and the views of Lake Gard, can make your wedding dreams come true – and that is not an understatement! This seventeenth-century setting in the heart of the Valpolicella Classica ideal for your big day as is it both cozy and classic, natural and personalised. The wide green spaces of the centuries-old park and the frescoed rooms are just sneak peeks into this modern venue!

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Villa Quaranta Tommasi Wine Hotel & SPA

Tenuta di Groppoli

If you want a truly Italian style wedding, then you will love this country style venue, the Tenuta Groppoli. In the province of Pistoia, this splendid location, immersed in the green of the Tuscan countryside, offers its romantic spaces and professional staff to make your day unforgettable. Play with the lighting, the outside space and the sweet country decor and you’ll find yourself with a day to remember forever.

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Tenuta Groppoli

Casa degli Spiriti

La Casa degli Spiriti represents the dream location for the organization of a luxury wedding event. The “Sala delle Feste” inserted in a splendid veranda, created and set with elements of the territory such as wood, iron and exposed rock, opens directly onto the garden and offers couples the chance to enjoy their day with friends and family in front of the incomparable view of Lake Garda and the city of Verona.

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La Casa degli Spiriti

Agriturismo le Filigare

Le Filigare is a location immersed in the heart of Chianti. Among olive groves and prestigious vineyards in Tuscany, this place is not one to miss! Located near the main places of interest such as Florence and Siena, the Resort has 14 comfortable apartments furnished in typical Tuscan style where it is possible for couples to stay for the whole period of the event. They also have the possibility to organise various types of wine tasting!

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Le Filigare Winery and Resort in Chianti

Castello di Petrata

Castello di Petrata has seen many special moments, as couples from all of the world have to come to share their big day with this team. From the aperitifs on the panoramic terrace to the dining in the rooms, this team make sure that every moment of the ceremony is surrounded with exclusivity and close to nature.

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Castello di Petrata

Torre di Scopello – Residenza d’epoca

Torre di Scopello is a historic location that rises with a breathtaking view in an environment surrounded by the incomparable Mediterranean maquis, the ancient tonnara, the stacks and the Zingaro nature reserve. Together with their staff, the owners will assist you throughout the organisation of your special event. The facility can accommodate up to 230 diners, so there really is room for all!

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Torre di Scopello Residenza d’epoca

Villa Termal Caldas de Monchique

In the mood to relax and spend some unforgettable moments? The Thermal Spa, at Villa Termal das Caldas de Monchique Spa Resort has its doors open for you! With an indoor heated hydromassage pool, sauna and Turkish bath, it doesn’t get more relaxing! Located in Monchique, this space offers you the opportunity to stay in the wonderful rooms of the Hotel, a real luxury in such a spectacular area.

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Villa Termal Caldas de Monchique Spa Resort

Quinta do Gradil (Campanha Grupo Imppacto)

Quinta do Gradil is a fantastic space to be able to make the most of your special day. Part of the Imppacto company, one of the best in Italy, it boasts beautiful spaces, extremely glamorous decoration and professionalism that only makes you want to see more. Just take a look for yourself…

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Quinta do Gradil (Campanha Grupo Imppacto)

Our Quinta 

Unique among farms for weddings and events, Quinta do Casal Novo offers their couples quality with rigor. 30 minutes from Lisbon and less than 5 kilometers from Malveira, the team at this venue work exclusively for you. With a lounge with a capacity for more than 400 people at lunch and dinner and 350 people at weddings, they do not need to use tents, even at parties with many guests!

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Quinta do Casal Novo

Tenuta Vinicola San Donnino

San Donnino is an oasis of peace, tranquillity and beauty. Located on the Florence hills in the Chianti area, San Donnino Winery Estate expands around 60 hectares. It is possible to rent the loft in the main building that has two double bedrooms, one bathroom, living room with a big fireplace and a small kitchen! It is also possible to rent “Villa Vada” with a swimming pool and an impressive panoramic garden!

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San Donnino

Castilla Termal Monasterio de Valbuena

This fantastic location belongs to a network of thermal hotels in emblematic places of Castile and León with a differentiating element; the combination of historic buildings and hot springs. Importantly, it has spaces for the celebration of your ceremony, The Cloister of the Monastery for a civil wedding, La Orangerie, outdoor space located in the area of ​​the Hospedería del Monasterio, The Old Refectory that was the dining room of the Cistercian monks, La Sala of Works or the Church of Santa María de Valbuena. If you want to celebrate your event in a unique place, find out more!

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Castilla Termal Monasterio de Valbuena

Quinta do Cerrado

Quinta do Cerrado is located in Alentejo, a Portuguese place that strives for beauty, elevating them to a level of peace, calmness and inner serenity. With a swimming pool, a vast grove and a small montado, this Quinta becomes a place of excellence, capable of providing you with the best moments of your life! Your wedding dreams can come true in an open space as showstopping as this one.

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Quinta do Cerrado

La Chiusa Di Chietri

The Grand Hotel La Chiusa di Chietri is a 4-star hotel open all year round and located in a 10-hectare Mediterranean Park. Immersed in the splendid scenery of the Apulian Murgia, the Grand Hotel is ideal for an unforgettable and relaxing stay. The rooms and outdoor spaces are equipped with every comfort needed and are perfect for banquets, ceremonies and celebrations.

The staff there have been doing everything to keep the Mediterranean space unspoilt because they want their guests to freely and deeply enjoy natural scenery and gardens filled with olive trees and native Apulia plants and walk around the small rural village of Trulli, to escape from the everyday life and leave behind the stressful routine. Guests can also enjoy the SPA services that embrace the body and mind and restore sensory harmony and holistic wellness.

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La Chiusa di Chietri

If you are looking to have an intimate ceremony and wedding party in the beautiful country across the ocean, then one of these luxury venues could be the perfect backsdrop for your special day. Simply choose the one that best suits your style, or the one that is situated in your desired destination, and celebrate under the stars!

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