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Enzoani's Flagship Collection Arrives: Elegance and Opulence From a Bridal Fashion Favourite

Enzoani's luxurious flagship collection is ready to be explored - and we have to say, we've never quite seen a range quite so luxurious. Take a closer look at the collection now - we promise you that you'll be blown away by it!

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Enzoani gowns are amongst the most coveted in the bridal fashion world, admired and desired by all, from prospective brides to their 143,000 Instagram followers. Such quality is notoriously hard to create, and yet Enzoani produces collection after collection of the most breath-taking couture wedding dresses – ones that have us waiting with baited breath at the beginning of every season. However, the new flagship collection may well be the best yet. Expressing the brand’s signature style in every gown, whilst being completely unique from anything else that we have seen, Enzoani’s latest range is truly magnificent.

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Nadine. Credits: Enzoani 2019.
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Nalee. Credits: Enzoani 2019.

A stunning new range, this exclusive flagship collection completely embodies the Enzoani brand. Every gown exudes romance, sensuality and opulence, and the signature use of lace overlay and fantastically detailed embroidery make it impossible to mistake the designer. Since 2006, Enzoani have specialised in creating the most luxurious gowns possible, for brides of all sizes, who want nothing more than to look beautiful on their wedding days. The variety of shapes – from A-line dresses to the most lavish ballgowns – means all are styles are catered to; however, simplicity is not the name of Enzoani’s game. Their dresses are for brides who mean to capture and hold the spotlight, and allow them to be the rightful centre of attention at their wedding.

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Nanette. Credits: Enzoani 2019.
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Natassia. Credits: Enzoani 2019.

It is difficult to strike a balance between elegance and drama, but this fine line is exactly where Enzoani thrives. And perhaps the best example of this is their ballgowns for this new collection, whose skirts are not only ethereal but eye-catching too. The exquisite construction – with layers of the finest tulle gathered to create a soft waterfall effect – and the application of intricate lace appliqués mean that anyone present at a wedding with an Enzoani bride will not be able to look anywhere else. Whilst the long trains are a classic feature in bridal fashion, their portrayal here is innovative and modern, for the bride who wants to surpass the past and move into the future.

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Naya. Credits: Enzoani 2019.
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Neve. Credits: Enzoani 2019.

And nowhere have we seen a finer eye for embroidery and decoration than with Enzoani’s flagship collection. The immense detailing of these gowns is the feature that truly makes them couture, and the feature that makes most brides fawn at them. Every woman wants to feel special and unique on her wedding day, and with hand-crafted beading, original floral appliqués, and a wealth of Swarovski crystals that positively glimmer, how could she feel anything but? The most skillful part of the decoration, however, is knowing when and where to include such decadent features – whilst not used sparingly, Enzoani ensures that their gowns’ embroidery is not overwhelming. Instead, it is classy, artistic and hugely romantic.

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Nia. Credits: Enzoani 2019.
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Nikola. Credits: Enzoani 2019.

The stylistic features of this collection in particular are very much worth highlighting. Though sophistication is ensured through the aforementioned embroidery techniques, there are several design features that reflect the innovative nature of Enzoani. The use of peach and blush tones, for example, modernises the gowns by exploring alternative colour palettes, and the deep necklines and drop-backs bring an element of sensuality to the collection. Even the more traditional aspects have received an upgrade – classic chapel trains are layered twice for a more 3D effect, and the mixture of embellishments, from sequins to pearl beads to crystals, lend a kind of glamour that few designers are daring enough to attempt.

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Norine. Credits: Enzoani 2019.
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Novia. Credits: Enzoani 2019.

One of the greatest things about Enzoani is that their wedding dresses are designed with brides in mind. Many bridal ranges are perfect for the catwalk – but lack the practicality and suitability for walking down the aisle. However, though well-suited to the former due to their style and beauty, Enzoani wedding dresses are first and foremost made for the women who are going to wear them. There is a limit to the extravagance, with elegance and wearability a priority for the brand. And as such, their style is timeless, fitting in to every season regardless of the prevailing trends – an unapologetically feminine brand, for unapologetically feminine brides.

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Nurit. Credits: Enzoani 2019.
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NuritD. Credits: Enzoani 2019.

Enzoani wedding dresses are truly special. With a wealth of influences, and a desire to make brides feel like they are swimming in luxury on their big day, this 21st century fashion house creates wearable couture that is difficult to surpass in beauty and detail. Design excellence is a must in an industry that is this competitive, and nowhere can we see more skill than with this latest collection, which brings together the best of a brand that is consistently fabulous. For the bravest and most audacious brides, we could not recommend a better designer for your wedding day – and if you are awed by the photos of these gowns (as we are!), then just imagine how you will feel wearing one…

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