Editor's Friday Favourite: Male Grooming Gift Sets

Male Grooming Sets delivered monthly to your doorstep from Men Are Useless

We’re always on about getting your hair and make-up sorted for your wedding day, but we take it for granted that your groom’s gonna look good when you walk down the aisle towards him. So today’s Editor’s Friday Favourite is here to tell you that you no longer need to take this for granted ladies! It’s time to help your man out with some male grooming sets from Men Are Useless.

The idea goes that as men have far better things to be doing than shopping (like, and I quote, “fighting sharks” and “building dens”), they’re always running out of essential things, like shower gel, razors and shaving cream.

So along comes Men are Useless, which provides male grooming gift sets delivered monthly to your doorstep. Ordered by the user or as a gift, you can sign up for 3, 6 or 12 months’ of box sets starting at just £9.99/month.

The Essentials Box carries a razor, shampoo/shower gel, a spare cartridge and shaving cream. The Works Box, meanwhile, carries all this plus 2 extra items, which can include deodorant and a face wash. The company’s suppliers are well-known brands, such as King of Shaves and Original Source, so you’re guaranteed quality. And everything comes in a box that fits through a standard post box. Excellent!

Here's your Men Are Useless box, delivered to your doorstep...and through your post box!

So, ladies, I’m thinking this is a great gift for your other half for Christmas. But I’m also thinking that The Works Box, with its facial products, is also a good way for your groom to get preparing for his big day. So come on, sign ’em up!

And watch out for a Men Are Useless giveaway in the run up to Christmas!

Have a good weekend,

Helen x


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