Discover the 5 Styles of Bouquets Trending in 2017. Which is Your Favourite?

There are many stories about the origin of the bridal bouquet, from the use of it to mask body odour to the flowers symbolising fertility with you marriageable partner. Either way the bridal bouquet is a perfect accessory to ass a dash of colour against your wedding dress and for styling in general. The forms and styles of bouquets have changed over the years, as with every fashion in the wedding industry.  So let’s take a look at the 5 styles of bouquets which are going to take the bridal world by storm in 2017.

1. Bouquets

Most commonly chosen by brides, a bouquet is a voluminous bunch of flowers which has a round shape as if it were a sphere, with a size usually between 20 and 30 centimetres. The perfect flowers for these bouquets are plump- like roses, carnations or peonies, which are very much “in” with brides today, as they are very feminine and romantic. A bouquet like this is perfect for simple wedding dresses and wedding dresses with voluminous skirt and princess cuts.

Ramos de novia 2017.
Credits: Christophe Serrano Photography
Ramos de novia 2017.
Credit: Kristin Sweeting Photography
Ramos de novia 2017.
Credit: The Love Hunters
Ramos de novia 2017.
Credits: Brides Photography

2. Wildflowers

Very simple and fashionable over the last few seasons, bouquets of wildflowers were unthinkable a few years ago but are now in the top of trends. And they are also very easy to combine and do. Formed mostly by seasonal flowers and local staples like olive branches, eucalyptus and ferns, they are rustic and utterly charming. Ideal for brides opting for that chic boho feel, this is the perfect bouquet for a simpler, more in tune with nature wedding. They are also super economic, as they often cost less that cultivated flowers, and their popularity has changed the stigma attached to wildflowers too. They’re not weeds, they’re beautiful!

Ramos de novia 2017.
Credit: Lorena San José
Ramos de novia 2017.
Credit: Matrenin Aleksey Photography
Ramos de novia 2017.
Credit: Michael + Anna Costa Photography

3. Asymmetrical

One of the most viewed designs in florists and bridal blogs is the asymmetrical bouquet. Made ​​up of many different flowers placed in such a way that they appear untidy- but in actual fact, are perfectly designed with strageic placement in mind from all the right angles. They are especially complimentary to halter neck wedding dresses, simple while sophisticated, and wedding dresses sweetheart neckline too. They are also, often, colour coordinated with the bridal shoes for that extra something special.

Ramos de novia 2017.
Credits: Josh Gruetzmacher Photography
Ramos de novia 2017.
Credit: Katie Lopez Photography
Ramos de novia 2017.
Credit: Trastandetskaya Evgeniya Photography

4. Long stems

With long stemmed bouquets it’s all about the length. Perfect for taller brides, these bouquets are all about being sleek. Lilies are particularly popular, as are sunnier options such as sunflowers and lavender. They particularly work well with boat neck cuts, and are usually simple and understated arrangements.

Ramos de novia 2017.
Credit: Alina stepushina Photography
Ramos de novia 2017.
Credit: Tiara Photographie

5. Cascading flowers

As the name suggests, this bouquet is all about creating a beautiful flow of cascading flowers which overflow and trail- and are another wonderful option for taller brides. Classically, cascading floral bouquets are paired with a veil, although this tradition isn’t as commonly seen as it used to be. For a statement, why not pair this super tradition bouquet with a contemporary gown?

Ramos de novia 2017.
Credit: Jess Barfield Photography
Ramos de novia 2017.
Credit: Julia Kaptelova Photography
Ramos de novia 2017.
Credit: O’Malley Photographers

So here we have five types of bouquets for five styles of brides! Why not have a look and see which you’ll be carrying down the aisle on your big day?

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