Discover just how many bridal hair styles there are for 2016, transforming you into a dazzling bridal queen

Simple yet elegant and beautiful hair styles that would be a perfect style for your 2016 wedding day.

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Seasons, like everything else, introduce new trends and styles, so it is good to keep in mind the details that are always going to be remembered of you from your wedding day. The wedding styling as a whole must always be strongly considered because the brides hair must be beautiful, practical and have long lasting hold.

It is important to choose a good wedding gown to match your personality, but that’s not all, because we must have a complimenting balance with the make up and your final hair style. Therefore, we want to demonstrate differing hairstyles that are set to dominate 2016 brides. Making you the most radiant and dazzling bride to be there has ever been..

saveMarieta Hairstyle.
Credits: Marieta Hairstyle

When it comes to wedding hairstyles, there are many possibilities. You need to consider your hair type, length, colour, and the style of dress. Plus what time of year, because if you have lovely long locks and it is a summer month you will want to create an up style do.

Among the most popular hairstyles are pinned up do’s, accompanied by floral wreaths and diamante tiaras. The traditional and lean simple bun never goes out of fashion, and creates the less is more illusion.

save3 deseos y medio fotografía.
Credits: 3 deseos y medio fotografía
saveBanako Photo.
Credits: Banako Photo
saveGávila Fotografía.
Credits: Gávila Fotografía
saveAnais L. Photographie.
Credits: Anais L. Photographie

Another top trend is plaited hair, with more and more brides deciding to choose plaited hair on their big day. Detailed styles from behind act as classic extra attention to detail and is captured in all photos. hairstyles with braids look wonderful particularly loose braids, the Grecian style brides have the perfect theme for this new and fashionable style.

saveDavid Christian.
Credits: David Christian
saveMarieta Hairstyle.
Credits: Marieta Hairstyle.
saveCristina Canibaño.
Credits: Cristina Canibaño
saveMarieta Hairstyle.
Credits: Marieta Hairstyle

Women also tend to decide for straight hair, slightly wavy or ornaments for hair that would create a natural looking wave in their hair adding a little romance and femininity to the style as it turns slightly wavy.

saveMarieta Hairstyle.
Credits: Marieta Hairstyle

Gold half-crown as shown in the picture, decorated with two simple, small pigtails with wavy ends in a manner with a touch of boho style – everything is possible!

saveCarles Figuerola.
Credits: Carles Figuerola
saveBarcelona Bridal Week.
Houghton. Credits: Barcelona Bridal Week
saveAlbert Palmer.
Credits: Albert Palmer

Don’t take our word for it, here you can see for yourselves some of the most romantic and complimenting hair styles for your 2016 wedding. If you want to have the complete look and be every bit the blushing bride, you must start to consider your complete style early on, and ensure you have a hair trial to make sure the style is as exactly as you want.

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