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Create your Honeymoon and giftlist with Zankyou, they just got great and offer exactly what you want!

Wedding giftlist have never been easier or more fun, plus you get exactly how you want! Zankyou offers a variety of Wedding tools to help and assist you, take a look at the benefits of our wedding giftlist?

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Calling all future Mr and Mrs…..we want to get straight to a point about a sticky wedding situation that you may find yourselves in. It’s believed that all of us have shared this moment at some point, when you are so embarrassed yet hiding behind a fake smile, but really what you are thinking is “What on earth am I going to do with this awful gift?”

It sounds harsh to say it, but we all know someone who has given us a really tacky/useless gift which immediately made us think “How much can I flog this for on eBay?” What we know for sure is that you are most likely to receive this sort of gift at your wedding, but we here at Zankyou want you to be assured, there are simple, effective and free  ways to help avoid this drama.

We’ve already pointed out the advantages of an online wedding list and established that you can list every gift that you’ve ever dreamed of and more, this is achievable without you feeling embarrassed or guilty. After all, it’s your wedding!

So we encourage you to face the friends and family that have awful present buying skills , the porcelain lovers and introduce them to the 21st century with Zankyou’s Wedding gift list and registry services. So we are sorry Aunt Mary but I don’t want crochet doilies or Chinese porcelain plates that I’m just going to break trying to turn off the kitchen light and that is just how it is. So the answer is, Zankyou! Creating your honeymoon wedding list is as simple as a pimple and you can split the list into different stages of your honeymoon.

Bride and Groom


1. It’s fun! It’ll make it easier on Aunt Mary if, thanks to your wedding list, she can see each stage of your honeymoon (flight tickets, nights at a hotel, activities) and choose which one she wants to contribute towards.

2. For those who don’t like to read and prefer pictures, you can view the stages of your honeymoon on a map, it doesn’t get more visual than that

3. Freedom!! You’re not confined to any particular travel agency because you receive every contribution directly into your bank account to use however you wish. Then you can organise your honeymoon yourselves, or pass your plans to the travel agents of your choice. You can even pass your plans on to one of our partner travel agents who can offer exclusive discounts.

4. You can include your honeymoon gifts and traditional gifts all in one list. After all, if you have in fact smashed all of your plates, it wouldn’t hurt to replace them.

5. Create your Zankyou account, list the stages of your honeymoon on your gift list, receive contributions from your guests, then start packing! It will be a holiday and experience of a lifetime!


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