To veil or not to veil? Our advice on choosing the perfect veil

To veil or not to veil? Our advice on choosing the perfect veil

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If you’ve recently bought your wedding dress then you’re probably thinking about which accessories and jewellery to wear that will complement your beautiful gown, and surely at some point you’ll ask yourself to veil or not to veil?

If you’ve decided you definitely want a veil and don’t know where to begin, then we’ve put together some simple tips and advice to help you choose the perfect veil.

savePhoto: Chris Yeo Photography
Photo: Chris Yeo Photography

When it comes to choosing a veil, you need to consider specific things such as the dress, hairstyle, your height and of course your overall style. Everything needs to work in harmony, so if you’ve chosen a more modern bridal look then a veil probably isn’t for you, perhaps a hairpiece or tiara will work better for your look. If your style is more traditional, then usually a veil will complement your look beautifully. It’s also important to know the different types of veils that exist, to enable you to make the best choice. There are many different lengths and names, and you could obviously have one custom made but here are the more popular ones that you can find ready made:

Cathedral veil: A long veil measuring around 2 and a half metres usually chosen by bride’s having a traditional church ceremony. It can certainly look stunning and very romantic and makes for beautiful photos of the bride walking down the aisle.

savePhoto: Marlon Capuyan
Photo: Marlon Capuyan

Chapel veil: Floor length, slightly longer than a bridal dress but a shorter train than a cathedral veil. Chapel veils tend to have 2 layers with the shorter one usually used to cover the bride’s face as she walks down the aisle.

Floor/Sweep veil: Exactly as it says, floor length but not longer than the dress. Slightly shorter than a chapel veil without much of a train.

savePhoto: Vicky Bartel Photography
Photo: Vicky Bartel Photography

Fingertip veil: A much shorter veil, coming down to hip length or fingertip length (imagine your arms down by your sides). This type of veil is often clipped on at the base of a bun or up-do. A very modern and contemporary look.

Elbow veil: Approximately 75 centimetres long and comes down to elbow length. Again usually clipped at the back of the head and often comes with 2 layers. Perfect for a civil ceremony or a slightly more simple cut  bridal gown.

Short veil or “Blusher”: Covers the bride’s face and comes down as far as the shoulders. This type of veil is probably the least formal of all. Perfect for an outdoor ceremony and a bride wearing a shorter gown.

savePhoto: Harmony Loves
Photo: Harmony Loves

Royal Cathedral veil: The longest of all veils and rarely seen on bride’s due to their expense and long and heavy style. The name says it all, usually worn by royalty, the most famous of all being worn by Princess Diana on her wedding day to Prince Charles in 1981. Absolutely breathtaking.

Now that you know a little more about the different types of veils available, there are other important factors to consider. One of them being the height of the bride. If you’re tall, then naturally the longer veils will look wonderful on you. If like me, you’re a little more petite, then one would say to opt for a shorter veil, possibly shoulder length so that the fabric doesn’t drown you as much. Having said that, I’m 5ft 2 and wore a cathedral veil on my wedding day, people still mention it now, 6 years later!

savePhoto: Jose Cortes Cortejarena
Photo: Jose Cortes Cortejarena

The style of your dress is probably the most important factor. If your dress or overall look is fairly simple, then choosing an elaborate veil with lots of detail will look beautiful allowing the veil to be a real showstopper. If your gown itself is very detailed and has lots of intricate embroidery then a simple veil will let the beauty of the dress shine through.

Are you more of a modern bride with a contemporary look? Then a short veil won’t detract from your chosen look. If you’re after a more classic and romantic look, then lace and embroidery win every time.

savePhoto: Instantánea & Tomaprimera
Photo: Instantánea & Tomaprimera

In regards to your hairstyle, if you’re having something very elaborate then a veil that clips in at the back, will allow you to have your beautiful hairdo on show. Likewise if you have a high bun, a long veil that clips in at the back will look stunning. If you have short hair and are unsure what suits you best, then a shorter veil with 2 layers will create height and volume.

Always remember to choose a veil that is true to your style and one that makes you feel beautiful yet comfortable. You won’t be wearing a veil all day, they are usually removed after a photo session and before the wedding breakfast/party, but once you’ve chosen your dress or look try on a few different styles and find the one that suits you best. Our suggestions are just a helpful guide and not set in stone. It’s more about complementing your look and feeling elegant rather than choosing something just because some silly blog tells you that’s what you should do!

Happy shopping!



Photos By: Chris Yeo Photography Marlon Capuyan Vicky Bartel Photography Harmony Loves Jose Cortes Cortejarena Instantanea & Tomaprimera

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