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Blue Monday Got You Down? Tips to Overcome It and Pick Yourself Back Up

Blue Monday is apparently the most depressing day of the year for countries in the Northern Hemisphere, according to a study conducted by SkyTravel. Feeling the effects? Here are our tips on how to combat that January blues feeling.

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Today is Blue Monday, the saddest day of the year, according to science. Maybe he’s right.

In 2005, the travel agency Sky Travel published a press release from Cliff Arnall, a professor at the Centre for Lifelong Learning and an adjunct to the University of Cardiff, which took several factors into account to establish the aforementioned theory. The failure of the New Year’s resolutions, the cost of January, the bad weather, level of debt, the lack of motivation and feeling the need to take action are key. But one is missing: it’s Monday, a day that has never been especially popular across the planet. What should you do to survive the pitfalls of this supposedly miserable day? Keep reading to find out.

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Realistic resolutions

If you made a resolution to lose a few pounds or go on a quest for a six-pack this year, you may have overestimated your realistic capabilities a little and, obviously, your disappointment in not achieving those goals is understandable. Try to make that figure reachable by maintaining a more or less normal life, without the need to call an ambulance every hour because of lack of nutrients or excess running.

Invest your time in something worthwhile this January

January is pretty complicated and probably more noticeably so on Blue Monday. Panic not: we all go through it!

Instead of going out as much as you normally would, this month you should try and stay at home a bit more and work on strengthening your family relationship. Forget your consumerist side for a day and try to take advantage of that unwanted gift that you’d received and put to one side, possibly for a recent Christmas. It certainly deserves another chance.

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Embrace winter for what it is

Yes, leaving the house when it’s frigid outside isn’t something that many people look forward to. In fact, looking out the window and seeing a miserable day is enough to put you off going outside and instead inspiring you to put your PJs on and veg out of the sofa. However, winter brings a lot of peoples’ favourite time of year – Christmas.

The winter routine is hard, but definitely not the worst. Enjoy a hot chocolate at the end of a brisk walk (or beer, why not); expand your culture by going to cinemas, theatres and museums; discover the best snowy landscapes in your surroundings; rent a farmhouse somewhere… There are many plans that can be enriched with the magic and tranquility of winter. Reading a book by a fireplace is an understated pleasure, for sure.

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Photo via Shutterstock: Dmitry Polonskiy
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Photo via Shutterstock: Dmitry Polonskiy

Smile, because there are a million reasons to!

Finally, smile! Smile at life and think that this moment is temporary. If you really analyse this idea, you’ll understand that your life is worth something: the project you just embarked on will work out; you have already taken the sentimental step you hoped for; established goals will make you happy if you strive to achieve them; that important event marked in the calendar is getting closer; you’ll finally make the leap to a better job…Do you still think you have no reason to smile?


Still think this is the worst Monday ever? Change the trend and make it the best day to keep growing. Good luck!

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