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Grace by Blue Bridalwear

Blue Bridalwear, owned by Angela Pitcher Dowdell, is a small bridal boutique and design studio based in Cardiff. Angela’s silk bridal gowns, with their feminine style and beautiful embellishments, can be bought from stockists all over the UK.

I found Blue Bridalwear over six years ago, when I was planning my own wedding and I still say today that one of the nicest parts of my preparations was getting my dress made. Angela worked with me for more than 6 months to get my dress just right and with her attention to detail and great service, getting a dress from Blue Bridalwear really is a treat!

Adore by Blue Bridalwear

Here Zk spoke to Angela about her work and her approach to bridal.

Zk: Who can be a Blue Bride?
APD: Any bride who wants to feel beautiful and special on their big day can wear a Blue gown!  We use silk fabrics and make all our gowns individually to order in the UK.

Zk: What’s your favourite part of your work?
APD: Oooh! This is such a tricky one to answer! There is so much that I love I’m not sure I can chose just one bit! I love designing new dresses and seeing them develop through the sampling stage. I love the satisfaction of seeing another beautiful dress pressed and packed to send to one of our stockists but if I had to choose just one bit it would be when a bride comes to collect her finished gown from our studio.

Making a dress for someone is a very personal process so we become quite attached to each bride and her gown as it is being made.  The day she comes to collect her finished gown is always quite emotional.  She is looking at herself in the mirror with a beaming smile and quite often a few tears.  Even after nearly twenty years of doing this I still become very emotional at this stage too!  It is an honour to be able to contribute to the happiness of someone’s wedding day.

Zk: How would you define the look of the Blue Bridalwear 2011 collection?
APD: Elegant and timeless sophistication through to quirky and fun.  There are beautifully simple circular skirted gowns with sheer organza shirts to cover shoulders and arms; tea-length gowns with a froth of petticoats and funky little shirt dresses.

Mary by Blue Bridalwear

Zk: Do you have a favourite Blue creation and why?
APD: Another tricky question.  I think out of the newest collection I have two favourites.   ‘Adore’ is a gorgeously crisp stripe organza three quarter length gown with full petticoats and I love the organza shirts that go over both ‘Grace’ and ‘Bardot’.  The shirts are a fantastic way of demurely covering up shoulders and arms whilst still being able to see them!  But I think if I have to choose just one ‘Blue’ creation as my favourite it would be my own wedding dress!

Zk: What are your predictions for wedding dress trends in 2011?
* Hemlines will continue lifting from the floor to show off a shapely ankle (and fabulous shoes of course!).  We created our gown ‘Beautiful’ a few years ago and this length continues to be our most popular.
* Sleeves will start to make an appearance.  For many years now strapless gowns have been very popular but in recent years fabric has gradually been creeping onto the shoulders and now we will see it start to make its way down toward the wrists! (Hurrah! – Ed.) Fabrics covering arms and shoulders will remain sheer so there may be sleeves but they will be ‘see through’!
* Lots of fabric.  Skirts (even short ones) will have lots of fabric and a froth of petticoats.

Blue Bridalwear dresses start at £1300. For further information contact Angela Pitcher Dowdell on 029 2062 4477, mailto:angela@bluebridalwear.co.uk or visit http://www.bluebridalwear.co.uk

All images © Blue Bridalwear Ltd 2010

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April 23, 2012

Really stylish ladies get their dresses from Blue!


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