An afternoon in Richmond Park with Rosie and David for their engagement shoot

There’s no better inspiration and idea gathering than from the real thing itself….love!!! Here we caught up with the fantastic and professional London Documentary Wedding Photographer Matt Badenoch and cutest couple Rosie and David at their recent engagement shoot. They say a photo tells a thousands stories and here with this completely loved up couple and talented wedding photographer this engagement shoot spells love from miles away. Here is their story…

How did you two meet?

David was working at a school to get experience in preparation for training to be a PE teacher. I was put on placement at the same school whilst doing my RS teacher training. I was then offered a job at the school and we were working together for a year or so. We had a couple of awkward conversations in the school canteen but it wasn’t until we went on a night out and had a couple of dark rums that we realised we were meant to be together!

Tell us the story of the proposal?

David and I had both gone to see our families over the Christmas holidays. On the 28th December, David came to pick me up from my family home to drive me down to stay with his family for the New Year. I wanted to get some flowers for his mum so he fooled me into thinking there was a little florist by the beach. We climbed over a rusty ladder onto a beautiful beach. I was busy looking around for the florist whilst, unbeknownst to me, David was waiting for the few people on the beach to disperse. I turned around and realised that David was down on one knee holding up a ring. I was so shocked and happy that I just put the ring on and gave him a big hug! I then remembered that I probably should say yes…so I did! It was perfect because it was a beautiful location that means a lot to us and we then finished the day off with celebratory champagne with his family.

What did you enjoy the most about your engagement shoot?

The whole experience was really fun and something we had never thought about doing before! It was a lovely experience which reassured us both that being photographed non-stop on our big day would actually be really enjoyable and not embarrassing at all. We had the shoot in Richmond Park on the 26th May as it is a location that mean a lot to David, it was where he had learnt to ride a bike with his dad. Matt made us feel comfortable and relaxed and it just felt like a beautiful evening stroll around the park.

What piece of advice would you give to other couples getting ready for their engagement shoots?

Spend the time during your shoot just being yourselves and don’t fret or think too much about it, which I know is easier said than done. We spent the day almost as a road trip experience from one location too another, listening to music, we had burritos for tea and then we enjoyed a pretty walk around Richmond Park, whilst being photographed. After awhile you get used to it all and we even forget that Matt was there at all.

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to your wedding day?

We are most looking forward to having a big kiss after we have officially become husband and wife!

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