A 'true' picture of your wedding with Mario Feliciello Photography

When passion for photography is combined with a genuine love for life, the outcome is magical. This is the case with Mario Feliciello, the professional photographer with Neapolitan origins. He turned his passion into his life work. They say, ‘Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life‘.  If the saying is true, then Mario has never had to do a day’s work!

His passion for photography blossomed early on, ‘I remember when I was 12, helping my father during his photo shoots; holding his bag of gadgets and his heavy flash!’, and it continued as he developed his career throughout the United States. He is constantly building on his knowledge and skills by attending seminars and workshops to learn more about different photography techniques.

For Mario Feliciello photography is a way to create and gather memories. Not just those of others, but also of his own, which he keeps in private albums. Couples who choose his services get the chance to experience not only his passion, but also to create memories of their special day that they can cherish forever. They are more than just pictures; they are memories that last a lifetime! ‘A wedding is the most beautiful day in a person´s life! My style is simple and spontaneous. I do not force the couple into unnatural poses. Instead I prefer to choose the best and most natural photos. Photos of the most intimate and important moments throughout the day, while trying to be as discreet as possible. ‘

Mario Feliciello does not specialise in just one style of photography. His styles vary, which means he ranges from classic to portrait-style photography. With him, you get the complete package! Binding the photos in an elegant wedding album is his final touch. The result is simple yet classy and stylish.

His passion for photography comes across in all of his photos. ‘I do not work, I have fun! I spend time with new people who then become friends for life. I’m cheerful and always positive and love spending my free time with my two children and wife ‘.

If you are a couple who love the simple things in life and the beauty of nature, then Mario Feliciello is the photographer for you! He will not take over your wedding like some photographers, but instead he will be like an extra guest sharing your special day. He is waiting for you in his studio in Casalnuovo di Napoli or Pompey and Avellino, where he works with the Wedding Planner & Designer ‘Eventi White ‘.

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