A très chic French style wedding

Here at Zankyou, we’ve come across so many different wedding styles and themes. From an outdoor rustic summer wedding to a festive winter wonderland Christmas wedding, all unique and special in their own way. When looking at style trends for 2015, we think a French style wedding is elegant, chic and just perfect… because who doesn’t like Paris in the Spring? 

We spoke to wedding planner Morgane Moré from French Wedding Belles who explained to us how to create that perfect French style for your big day. Read on and start planning that French styled wedding of your dreams.

What represents France?

That is the question we must first ask ourselves when choosing to add a decorative French touch to our wedding. We can quickly forget about frogs, snails and garlic unless you want to scare your guests off, but there are many culturally iconic details, large and small, synonymous with France.

Why not begin with escort cards? A sure way to begin your guests’ immersion into the French theme might be to offer small cards illustrating names and table numbers, each decorated with a mini Eiffel Tower that they can carry with them to their seats. This is a good example of taking the first and most obvious French association and turning it into a small, smart and personal detail everyone will remember.

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Tables could be named after French cities, Paris likely being the top table with your closest friends and family being sat at beautiful places such as Nice and Bordeaux.

Centrepieces could very easily be made with a stack of worn leather French books strung together with lace, wild flowers inside old milk bottles, even fruit or some simple vintage wineglasses to give it that wonderful French countryside rustic look.

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Favours for your guests offer yet another opportunity to add a small French detail. Macaroons for example, are easy to incorporate into your theme and can easily be matched to your wedding colours.

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Outside of the main song choices, all background music – for example during dinner – could be selected from a French playlist both obvious in sound and subtle. Gainsbourg, Regianni, Jacques Brel or some more recent artist like Coeur de Pirates, Rose or M. If you want to stick to something a little more well known, then artists like Celine Dion and Vanessa Paradis have both released songs in French.

Of course France isn’t France without its cheese. In portraying a French style, French food in general would be the obvious choice. Not much beats fine French cuisine after all! So if the happy couple are keen on French classics such as steak frites or a delicious beef bourguignon, why not top off the main meal with a typical French cheeseboard. Camembert, Pont-Lévêque and Brie could be tiered together to form a small smelly French wedding cake. It would be unexpected, surprising and completely original.

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Why not end your wedding dinner with an impressive champagne fountain, followed by the first dance to Edith Piaf’s “La Vie en Rose”? Your guests will leave your fairy tale wedding thinking they had crossed the channel and travelled to a French city for the day! So many souvenirs and wonderful memories, ooh la la!

Photo: Pinterest

So many inspiring ideas from such a beautiful country. Glamorous Parisian chic or rustic Provence countryside… what style will you choose!


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