9 Engagement Ring Trends for Brides in 2021

Are you struggling to choose the perfect engagement ring for your partner? Fear not, here is the complete guide on buying engagement rings in 2021.

9 Engagement Ring Trends for Brides in 2021
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You are dreaming about the perfect way to propose to your partner, but you do not have a ring yet. The endless possibilities may overwhelm you, but the process will become easier once you read about the nine biggest engagement ring trends for brides in 2021. Your future bride will love these styles and cuts, no matter what you choose or how you propose.

1. Much Bigger Bands

Traditional engagement rings have massive diamonds, but future brides want big bands instead. Rings with multiple studded bands or looping settings will stun any modern bride and accessorize any outfit.

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2. Small Personal Details

Make your bride’s ring speak to her personality with small decorative details. Find a diamond in a flower setting if your partner loves to garden or an engraved message inside the band. 

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3. Big Bold Blues

When Princess Diana chose her 12-carat sapphire engagement ring, it changed the jewellery landscape. Big, bold blues are coming back just in time for the 2021 wedding season, so check out a few breath-taking sapphire styles.

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4. Vintage European Cuts

If your partner loves thrifting or decorating with antiques, she will love vintage European cuts. Heirloom-inspired designs connect modern life with family legacies. Check out historic faceting patterns and see what you can find in your budget.

Worried that your future bride might not like a vintage-inspired ring? You can always ask her loved ones for guidance concerning her jewellery preferences. It is one way to make engagement ring shopping easier if you are not sure where to start.

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5. Classics With Modern Twists

There is no way to go wrong with a classic engagement ring. Find a gorgeous traditional silhouette and throw in a modern twist, like a rose gold setting or a double band. 

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6. Shining Green Emeralds

Emeralds are another way to make your partner’s ring pop with colour. They speak to your partner’s special place in your heart and one-of-a-kind personality.

John F. Kennedy gave Jackie an emerald ring set in a wreath-like band when he proposed in 1953. Brides have been obsessed with the gemstone ever since, so your partner’s heart will skip a beat when she sees one on her ring finger.

Image by Sara Graves from Pixabay

7. Virtual Ring Shopping

You do not have to drive around town to shops with limited in-person options. Virtual ring shopping is more popular than ever, thanks to widespread deals and much more extensive inventories. If you get tired of walking into stores, you will likely find a great deal with a virtual sale.

8. Split Side Stones

Instead of getting a ring with one central diamond, find one with split side stones. Even the most minimalist bride will not be able to live without the artfully arranged star-like clusters and scaled-back settings.

Photo by Nick Bondarev from Pexels

9. Yellow Gold Settings

Traditional or white gold are not the only metal options for engagement rings anymore. Now you can find yellow gold settings too. It is more valuable and easier to match with future outfits, so it will never look out of place at holiday parties or casual cookouts after your proposal.

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Take Your Time

These are just a few engagement ring trends for brides in 2021, but there are still so many rings to consider. Take your time and look at all of your options so you purchase something your future bride will adore.

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