9 avoidable errors that all couples make before and during their wedding day.

We want to help not hinder, guide not manage and so here are 9 common things that couples often forget or experience during the planning and organising of their wedding day.

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So you are planning your wedding day!!!! You want to plan everything to perfection, be organised and ready with everything under control. But, don’t allow yourself to get carried away as there is the possibility that there are things you have overlooked, after all we are not all super men and women. Here we list 9 of the most common mistakes that 9 out of 10 couples make during their wedding planning and organising and then on the day itself. 

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  1. Like Cinderella and her fairy godmother, we believe that our fingers are like magic wands, organising everything to perfection.

Many of us are guilty of the fact that we believe a wedding is just the same as a big party, a social get together but do you spend almost a year planning and organising your birthday or a family reunion, no. Planning a wedding takes months of work for a couple, especially if you don’t have a wedding planner or suppliers that help you to organize every detail. Planning starts right from when you say ‘yes’ and so one of the best pieces of advice we can give you is to hire a wedding planner to assist you with where to start.

With nerves, excitement and fear of the unknown there will be many a time when you will feel overwhelmed and anxious, not to mention a tad stressed, so hiring a wedding professional will save you many headaches (not to mention money) From the venue decoration, dress, venue, invitations, photographer, ceremony and the list goes on… Therefore, rather than struggle and stress yourself out, hire a professional, at least to assist with the first stages of planning or for the day itself, so your only job will be to look beautiful, get married and enjoy your friends and family.

  1. Creating the perfect wedding for your guests to enjoy, but not for you!

This is one of the biggest and most common mistakes most couples make. It is true that it you will have all your nearest and dearest together for one day, but surely the most important thing for them and you should be that you are together, happy, relaxed and able to enjoy your day together. There is no need to arrange details according to what someone has said or suggested, it is your day and should be your way, the danger of considering one opinion is, the rest of them that will follow.

You’ve both been long waiting for this day to arrive, where you can leave arm in arm as Mr and Mrs, you a wife and him a husband all supported and enjoyed in the company of close family and dearest friends. It is important to share ideas and feel support from your family and friends but it can turn into a wedding war of ‘’he said she said’’ and all of a sudden everything you want is out of the window. This day will only come around once and so you must make it as every bit special as possible, therefore consider poeples opinions and ideas but the final outcome should be your decision.

  1. Delegate some responsibilities to the bridal party and friends

It is another fact that once the engagement is announced and the invites are sent, friends and family are always ‘’happy to help’’ and with so many things to organise, without any real idea on how or when to do them you decide to share the ‘to do list.’

They are friends and they know you well but their tastes, likes and dislikes are not the same as yours and your wedding is your big, important and special day. Therefore don’t make the mistake of allowing it to become a hobby of some friend who would like to live the fantasy of a dream job as a wedding planner. There are many cases where the wedding day arrives and something simple like the dj not playing the couple’s favorite song or the floral decoration of the ceremony is not the exact colour you wanted yet a different shade of pink and is seen as a big problem however it is not something that carries the same importance as the ceremony or ensuring the ring is safely delivered. These are things you that you are in control and aware of, not leaving the decision to someone else to make, therefore you share some of the responsibility and enjoy the fact that friends and family have a part to play in your wedding by helping. 

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Foto: Norma Grau
  1. Continually thinking about saving money

DIY decorating your wedding is lovely, pretty, personal and yes in ‘some’ cases can save money, but it sure takes a lot of time. Many people consider entrusting the task of organizing and decorating a wedding to a professional as an unnecessary waste of money, however we are here to inform you, in every way, shape and form…it is not a waste of time nor money. In fact you end up saving both and liking the final outcome more. Its the attention to detail that counts and all the professionals from photographer, videographer, makeup artist, hairdresser, catering right down the favours all make for a fabulous final outcome…the secret to making it perfect is to trust in the professionals and let others allow you to be a princess for the day.

  1. The organization and importance of the ceremony

We tend to focus on the dress, how many tiers the wedding cake has and whether there will be a sweet table for the children but lets not forget the most important part of the day, the ceremony. Whether a civil or church ceremony, the point of the wedding is because you are joining in matrimony. You must think about readings, witnesses to sign the certificate, your wedding vows, this takes precedence and priority!!! The moment that you both say I do and make that commitment is a once in a lifetime moment and must be given the most thought and attention.

  1. Trying on the wedding dress as an outfit

Being comfortable is just as important as being beautiful on your wedding day, therefore we urge you to ensure everything is checked and trialled together, shoes, accessories, hair, makeup etc. Without trying everything together and by not having that all important ‘trial’ with your hair and makeup, means that on the day your complete final look will be a mystery. Opinions are always useful and you will undoubtedly want your mum to come to your dress fitting and see you first in your dress, but don’t become overwhelmed at the interest that all friends and family will have in seeing the dress and coming with you to find the all important one. You want to leave some surprises and to enjoy a very personal moment with your nearest when it comes to trying and selecting the dress.

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Foto: Pemberley Photography
  1. Giving up one’s personality

One of the most common and obvious errors….not injecting some of your personality into your wedding. Your wedding and the marriage is up to you and your partner, do not let anyone influence you when making important decisions, especially if its something different to that, that you want to include. If you want to be romantic, unique, outrageous…you have every right to do so. Do not give in and sacrifice any detail no matter how big or small or if someone else seems to pressure you into thinking its a bad or irrelevant idea. Create your wedding your way. 

  1. Leaving aside the hair and makeup test

Many brides focus so much on the dress for the wedding day, but what makes an outfit an outfit…the whole image. It is true that the style you choose will reflect 70% of your overall look. But, as the saying goes, the face is the reflection of the soul and on your wedding day, will be when this radiance will shine through even more than ever. Therefore as we said, the hair and makeup trial is a fundamental part of the preparations and overall look on the day therefore it is a necessity. The rush of getting ready and your nerves will almost certainly get the better of you on the day and so for at least one day only be the princess you deserve and allow yourself to be pampered and preened ready to become a wife.  

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Foto: Sweetcandy Photographie
  1. Forgetting special thanks to suppliers

Of course, thanking your friends and family comes naturally, they helped, assisted and even participated in your special day. But don’t forget the professionals who shared and delivered a vision of what you required whether it be your florist, cake maker or wedding planner. Something to consider for the day is whether you need to supply food and drink for them. This is sometimes in their contracts but not mentioned and you do not want to be bothered on the day with this. Be sure to clarify all expectations from all suppliers. The cake makers and their cake stand and knife, the venue and the keeping of gifts saf, ensure every detail and responsbility is clear. These are all details that if you hire a wedding planner you will be sure to not have to worry about but be left to enjoy absolutely everything.

We are sure you can relate to some if not all of these points! It is natural, planning and organising a wedding is something you are doing for the first time and at the same time that it is exciting it can also be overwhleming and daunting. Take a look at our directory of top wedding suppliers that can help, assist and advise you on any help you may need in the organising of your

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