5 Ways To Look Like The Perfect Winter Bride

Un estilismo perfecto si has decidido casarte en invierno. No te lo pierdas porque es tan especial que no querrás quedarte sin él. ¡Descúbrelo!

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Winter is just around the corner, and with that comes new wedding and bridal fashions. The style and details are very different from summer weddings and we can take advantage of what nature gives us to organise a lovely and unique wedding.

But there is no bigger part of the winter wedding decor than the winter bride! To be the perfect winter bride, you will have to mix up the traditional bride look, notably opting for warmer, wintery colours. Take a look at our recommendations below and get inspired!

saveLook de novia invernal.
Winter Bridal Look.

1. Your Wedding Dress

To withstand the winter cold, you’ll need an equally beautiful and warm wedding dress. This piece by designer Naeem Khan is the perfect mix of those two elements. An impressive fluid fabric design reminiscent of knotted gowns on the front, with white fur on the neck and wrists. Simple with a touch of sophistication; Spectacular!

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saveBudapest, Naeem Khan.
Budapest. Credits: Naeem Khan

2. Your Wedding Jewellery

Your wedding jewellery is a really important part of your wedding look, not least of all because this is the element that will stand for longer than your wedding day or weekend. You will wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life.

We have chosen this vintage engagement ring accompanied by a fine wedding band. The yellow gold ring with small rubies around a large central ruby and small diamonds present a truly warm mix of colours.

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saveDeFiore Photography.
Photo: DeFiore Photography

3. The Shoes!

Choosing the right shoes for your wedding day is essential, because an uncomfortable bridal shoe can ruin the party. To complete this style we have chosen some beautiful stilettos by Pura López. Peach skin in maroon colour with half lacing, a trend colour of this season and very winter suitable. Do not miss the gallery of coloured bridal shoes where you will find more options and a variety of designs.

saveJalisa, Pura López.
Jalisa. Credits: Pura López

4. Your Wedding Bouquet

The flowers brighten up any environment. That is why a bridal bouquet with seasonal flowers and tones similar to the rest of your bridal look is the best option. This winter bouquet of roses of different shades mixed with wild plants and fruits is a delight to see. See how to choose the perfect bouquet here.

saveRebecca Arthurs.
Photo: Rebecca Arthurs

5. The Nail Varnish

More and more brides are keeping up to date with the latest fashions and opting to pain their nails on their wedding day. The red and garnet tones are completely on trend, and are perfect for the cooler months. This nail polish from Chanel is a good example and combines perfectly with the rest of the styling.

saveLe vernis, Chanel.
Photo: Chanel

A winter bridal look is different from the rest. Dream to suit the weather and your surroundings, just like this gorgeous bride did.

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