5 Decoration Ideas For A Halloween Wedding To Remember

Looking for ways to incorporate the Halloween season into your wedding day? Take a look at our 5 suggestions this year.

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Halloween is a time of year when we can decorate our houses (or ourselves) as wacky as we like and get away with it. So, for couples getting married in this spooky season, take the meaning of Halloween into your own hands, and decorate your wedding head-to-toe in anything spooky that your dark sides desires!

A Halloween wedding means you can be creative with not only costumes and decorations, but your wedding food and drinks. Whether you are a Halloween fanatic, or just someone who would like to add a subtle hint of the season when light to turns to dark, here are some suggestions on how to make your Halloween wedding frightfully memorable.

Halloween Candy

Trick or treat! Entertain your guests with a pick and mix sweet trolley at the reception. Halloween chocolates and sweets will provide a tasty edge to the occasion. And, not to mention how fun it will be to incorporate all of your favourite Halloween treats with your partner.


Why not decorate your reception with Pumpkin lanterns with the newly wed names carved into them? Take inspiration from these photos to see how effective this decoration can be – and perfectly seasonally appropriate! It may be fun to place them leading up to the entrance of your reception so the guests have a taste of what to expect.

Ghoul-ish Table Names

Infuse your tables with the Halloween theme by naming each table after a Halloween legend. Dracula? Frankenstein? The Wicked Witch of the West? Get creative with this idea and decorate each table accordingly. Perhaps the Dracula table can be adorned with fangs, or you can decorate the Wicked Witch table with potion bottles. There are so many great ways to approach this idea, allowing your guests to have fun with the theme, which brings me onto the next suggestion…

Photo: diy-cocktails.com

Halloween Photo-booth

Guests are always excited by photo booths, and will be especially ready to snap photos at such a fun and themed Halloween reception. Give your guests a lasting memory of the evening with the opportunity to take a photo home with them. Fill it with costumes and Halloween accessories and allow the hilarity to continue throughout the night…

Photo: Kirtygadd.co.uk

Fun Cocktails and Autumn Drinks

This is a great way to get creative for your Halloween wedding. Ask your caterer to create cocktails with a personalised name for your guests to enjoy! Play with the flavours. Apples allow for a play on the idea of the poisonous apple, or you could use use blood oranges. If you really want to go all out, have a punch bowl cocktail with dry ice in it. It will create a spooky and magical smoky effect, and guests can keep going back for more!

Halloween weddings will inevitably bring cold evenings. Offering hot apple cider is a great way to get the warmth in, not to mention how delicious it will be on a crisp autumn evening.

Photo: Grand Hyatt Tokyo

Hopefully then, you can take some inspiration from our run down of the 5 best Halloween wedding decoration ideas. Not only can you and your partner dress up to make your autumn evening fun, you can also add a touch of spookiness for a relaxed, enjoyable evening!

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