Have Your Dream Wedding in Italy With +39Lux

Since couples in the US kick started the trend of getting married abroad, destination weddings have been growing and growing in popularity. A handful of countries spring to mind when we think about this but perhaps a country that may not have popped into your mind quite as fast as the others is Italy.

Over the past few years Italy’s status as a wedding destination has increased and it is now one of the most popular places for couples to-be – especially those who’d like their wedding day to be full of good food, art and Italian-style elegance. Couples that opt for this type of affair generally tend to invite only a small number of guests as they prefer to focus on quality not quantity, making sure the entirety of their weekend oozes nothing but sophistication.

An expert in this field is +39 Lux, who tell us that the couples who come to Italy to get married tend to embody similar characteristics; they look for a wedding to encompass their own elegance as well as the elegance of the country’s culture. The typical wedding in Italy includes romantic, but familial, atmospheres with classic colours that match the sophistication of both bride and groom.

For +39 Lux, the most important element in wedding planning is understanding the desires of the couple just as much as the location of the event. “A good wedding planner has to deeply understand the traditions and customs of the couple so they can adapt them to the wedding location without losing compromising the vision of the couple. A wedding in Italy lets couples incorporate a little bit of Italy into their wedding while also maintaining their own personal style”. Simply, +39 Lux manages all of the small details while the pair relaxes and enjoys their day to the full.

We asked +39 Lux what seems to be the most important thing for couples that have travelled from abroad and their answer? “There’s no time limit or schedules”. +39 Lux told us that couples always seem to be looking for the opportunity to extend their wedding festivities, not just limit it to one day. And this idea has grown in popularity all over Italy; couples have chosen to spend more day celebrating with each other and their guests – it means there’s no rush to fit everything into one day, and they can truly enjoy every moment.

Speaking about the future, +39 Lux said they don’t speak about “wedding trends for 2018” as they simply don’t believe that getting married is a trend like buying clothes. They don’t believe that marriage follows fashion, they believe it simply follows the dreams of the couple. “When we were younger we imagined that we would be like princesses on the day of our wedding and that’s what we want to be but there’s no question, love is simply the only secret ingredient“.

Italy is a country full of love (familial as well as romantic), so there seems to be no better option than celebrating the most important day of your life in one of the most beautiful countries of world, and all cared for by the professionals at +39 Lux.


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