3 tools to save time and money when organising your wedding.

So you’re getting married! Congratulations! You make the announcement, receive hundreds of cards, and then voila. It’s time to start actually organising your big day- and for more brides to be, it’s hard to even know where you’re supposed to start.

But don’t stress! Zankyou is here to help. Why not visit our mini-guide to find all the help you need to get going with the planning process? Here at Zankyou, we want you to enjoy the whole process of getting married! From proposal to post honeymoon! And we also want to be as stress free as possible; so we make it easy for you with these three tools:

1.Directory of Providers.

You can access a directory with more than 35,000 suppliers specialising in weddings, who you can request information and/or budget from without any commitment. Using the filters available you can customise your search and find businesses in your region to create a unique celebration adapted to your needs.

2. Your own wedding website. 

Through your own personalised website you can offer regularly updated information for all your guests on the location, hours, services and other information of interest so that everyone is in the know, all the time. And it’s interactive! You can even ask for their suggestions and opinions and they can even upload photos from the big day itself for everyone to save and share.

3. Wedding list.

Let’s make that pesky wedding list so much easier! Through the digital list which Zankyou provides you can choose from thousands of gifts available in the catalogue or input your own links to things you’d like elsewhere on the internet (such as a holiday!) Your guests pick something they’d like to help give towards and instead of buying the actual gift, they actually transfer a lump sum from their bank account to yours!

It’s not a conventional wedding list, but with the Zankyou method you’ll receive all contributions into your bank account and can then use it for what you really need. Wasted gifts are a thing of the past!

So here you have it! Save time and money with these three simple tools. And of course, don’t forget that Zankyou also has a team of expert advisers who are happy to help you find everything you need for your day so don’t be afaid to get in touch! We’re here to make your day one to remember!

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