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Managing your guest list has never been so easy!

Managing your guest list has never been so easy!

With everything you need to keep your guests informed

Save the date

Remind your guests about the date of your big day

Store guest addresses

Gather up your guests' addresses so that you can send them their wedding invitations.


Find out who will be there and who can't make it

Table arrangement

Assign tables to your guests

Link your Hotmail and Gmail accounts

Don't waste any time creating a guest list. Export your contacts directly from the most popular internet services: Hotmail and Gmail.

Keep track of the emails you've exchanged with your guests

View every email that you have exchanged with your guests during the preparation of your wedding.

Export and import from Excel

If you'd prefer to plan offline you can create a guest list on Excel and then import it into your Zankyou account. You can also export your Zankyou guest list to an Excel document, allowing you to share the information with people or companies that are helping you organise your wedding.

Paper Studio

Create beautiful wedding invitations that match your web design. All of your wedding stationery an be in line with the design you choose.

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