Villa del Sol: Fall In Love At First Sight With The Hottest Bridal Looks From Casablanca

Take a look at the new collection, Villa del Sol, from Casablanca bridal... guaranteed to have you beaming like the sun

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If you’re deep in the search for the perfect wedding dress, but you still can’t find your ‘dream’ one, take a look through out hand-picked gallery where you will find the new Villa del Sol collection, from Casablanca Bridal.

This collection is full of elegance, printed on ultra feminine designs and made with the best fabrics. With golden ornamented dresses and amber tones that reflect a cozy, warm and bright atmosphere, the brand compares them to the idea of walking under the sunlight.

Along with these designs, you’ll find quality fabrics, with embellishment and patterns of lace that contrast with clean fabrics and straight lines, adjusted to the body like a second skin. All creating sophistication and romanticism in equal parts reminiscent of bohemian designs that give way to romanticism.

See the 23 designs in Villa del Sol from Casablanca.. don’t miss out on the chance to find your perfect dress!

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