The Pronovias 2018 Catwalk: The Wish Collection you don't want to miss

Be the first to see the 2018 Wish collection from Pronovias, showcased with a spectacular stage at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week!

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Inspired by the desires of brides around the world, and with a spectacular setting, the Pronovias fashion show began. Hervé Moreau presented his designs for next year’s brides at Barcelona fashion week, and it’s safe to say we weren’t the only ones who were delighted. Discover international models sporting the most beautiful bridal designs in this gallery of photos – you don’t want to miss it. Wish is the name of the Pronovias 2018 collection, and you’ll soon see why.

The brand transformed the Oval Hall in The National Art Museum of Catalunya into a catwalk adorned with lampposts surrounding the central white marble fountain, round which the Pronovias models showed off these exquisite designs. From the fountain flowed flashes of water droplets, which was the French designer’s very inspiration: the magical movement of water and the fluidity of currents highlight the femininity and sensuality of women. These wedding dresses come in different designs with a range of features, but all are blessed with a common aesthetic. Incredibly fine work with organza, crepe, satin, French lace and rhinestone embroidery for a sophisticated and chic look. From mermaid cut dresses to voluminous skirts, intricate transparencies and modern statement touches.

Wish, a very special collection with spectacular staging and the power to lead 2018’s bridal fashions. It had a front row of international names, Romee Stijd, Martha Hunt, Cindy Bruna and Bregje Heinen, who all witnessed the Pronovias take on 2018 trends. Discover the most impressionable of the Pronovias 2018 collection, where your Wish really will come true!

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