30 of the Most Beautiful Clutch Bags For Any Wedding Guest

30 cute clutches for the perfect wedding guest look - a clutch is a wedding guest's version of the bouquet, so don't miss out!

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A clutch bag is perhaps the Marmite of the bag world – some people love them, others can’t be without. While impractical if you plan on carrying a golf umbrella, a pack of wet ones and a spare pair of wellies; clutches are incredibly practical if you only want to carry around a few things. Plus, nobody wants to show up to a wedding with a beautiful, floor-length gown and an enormous handbag that covers most of it.

A clutch for a female wedding guest is like a bouquet for a bride. It’s so much more than just somewhere to put your purse and your tissues. It’s our favourite accessory and works in the exact same way as a statement necklace or a spectacular pair of shoes. In fact, it should work in perfect harmony with both of these things, matching your shoes and working with your jewellery perfectly to finish off any stylish look.

We’ve put together a fashionable gallery with 30 of our favourite clutches for this season. With a colourful selection from both high street shops and designer brands, we have something for all styles and all purse strings. We think a clutch is THE must have accessory for this season and urge you to add one to your next wedding guest outfit!

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