The lady in red... but how about a bride in red?

The lady in red... but how about a bride in red?

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Red. The colour of passion, love, romance and in some cultures, good fortune. For these reasons alone we think red is the perfect colour for brides. Perhaps not a vivid red gown, that may be a step too far (or perhaps not) but we think red touches are a great addition to any bridal look.

From subtle red nail polish and red roses in your bouquet to the famous red Louboutin soles and red accessories to match, there are so many ways in which you can incorporate this passionate colour into your bridal look.

A red theme in general works well for a festive winter wedding or if you just want to add a splash of colour into your traditional nuptials, our gallery shows you how you can bring a wave of crimson happiness into your big day.

Brides to be, take note! Do away with safe pastel tones and rock the red for your big day!

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