The 2017 Gio Rodrigues Wedding Dress Collection: find your perfect dress!

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  • Gio Rodrigues 0181-0231
  • Gio Rodrigues 0492-0500
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  • Gio Rodrigues 2468-2479
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    • Gio Rodrigues 2062-2071
    • Gio Rodrigues 0876-0885
    • Gio Rodrigues 2001-2009
    • Gio Rodrigues 2019-2029
    • Gio Rodrigues 2287-2294
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    • Gio Rodrigues 2516-2522
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    • Gio Rodrigues 0122-0140
    • Gio Rodrigues 1948-1963
    • Gio Rodrigues 2073-2083
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    • Gio Rodrigues 0066-0071
    • Gio Rodrigues 0699-0716
    • Gio Rodrigues 2262-2268
    • Gio Rodrigues 2495-2499
    • Gio Rodrigues 1867-1871
    • Gio Rodrigues 2119-2127
    • Gio Rodrigues 0560-0598
    • Gio Rodrigues 1631-1634
    • Gio Rodrigues 1646-1665
    • Gio Rodrigues 1677-1682
    • 523_1474911120
    • Gio Rodrigues 1822-1842
    • Gio Rodrigues 2192-2208
    • Gio Rodrigues 1923-1934
    • Gio Rodrigues 1003-1251
    • Gio Rodrigues 2135-2159
    • Gio Rodrigues Catalogo0791
    • Gio Rodrigues 0647-0651
    • Gio Rodrigues 0953-0960
    • Gio Rodrigues 1550-1572
    • Gio Rodrigues 0995-1003
    • Gio Rodrigues 1707-1712
    • Gio Rodrigues 1769-1786
    • Gio Rodrigues 0306-0323
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For a bride-to-be, choosing a dress is one of the most important stages of wedding planning. Zankyou knows that a dress can determine your happiness and comfort on your big day, so we look to provide you with the best options available. Today, we would like present to you the fantastic new collection from the renowned, Portuguese wedding dress designer, Gio Rodrigues.

Characterized by sophistication, elegance and sensuality, The 2017 Gio Rodrigues Collection is eclectic: ladies who dream of a romantic wedding style can find a traditional princess cut, and those looking for something more sensual can choose from bolder dresses. To achieve such variety in this new collection, designers at Gio Rodrigues have selected high quality chiffon, muslin, silk, crepe, lace, brocade and crystal embroidered tulle. The use of natural fabrics ensures that the dresses feel all the more luxurious.

In this gallery of images, we can see the two lines of the collection, Infinite and Runway. The first applies to the designs that have always been popular throughout evolving traditions, adapted slightly to suit current trends. The second, Runway, consists of new designs created exclusively by Gio Rodrigues for 2017.

Enjoy the quality and attention to detail that all of these dresses provide, and choose the one that most suits your style. For your big day, you deserve to choose something in which you can feel comfortable, beautiful and perfect. If you want something more personalised and unique, then a Gio Rodrigues designer can create one for you!

With more than 50 amazing wedding dress designs, which one is your favourite? Your wedding is the day to make your fashion statement, so go for it!

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