Bridal survival kits: Everything you need to get you through your big day!

Bridal survival kits: Everything you need to get you through your big day!

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As ladies, we’ve all been to the loo at weddings before and been welcomed by a huge basket of goodies. By goodies we mean female essential items such as perfume, tissues, tampons, hairspray, chewing gum… and the list goes on.

We think these are marvellous inventions. We’ve all been caught short before be that with sanitary products or with a hint of mint to freshen up with. Having these things available to your guests is a great thing, but we think brides need their own survival kits too.

There are some super cute survival kits that can be bought online, but we love the idea of making your own with your bridesmaids a few days before the wedding. Get together with a bottle of bubbly and make a list of essential things that you and them may need. All you need is a cute bag and someone responsible to carry it from home to the ceremony and from ceremony to the reception!

List out essential items such as makeup, tissues, plasters, a sowing kit, hairspray and hair clips, nail polish and a nail file, mints, sanitary products, a compact mirror, some heel protectors (for grassy outdoor weddings), flat shoes for dancing, paracetamol for headaches, sun cream for outdoor weddings, a handheld fan for hot weather, a bottle of water for the ceremony… and anything else that you can think of that may be helpful on the day. Don’t forget things like chargers for mobile phone and cameras too.

We’ve put together a gallery of inspiration to help you create (or buy if you fancy treating yourself) the ultimate bridal survival kit. We’d recommend  it to any bride!

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