Super cute ideas for the little people at your wedding

Super cute ideas for the little people at your wedding

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Whether you decide to have children attending your wedding or not is down to your own personal choice, preference and circumstances. However if you do decide to have children at your wedding, one thing is certain… they too deserve to share in the limelight! Aside from sometimes being a little excitable and often bored at long ceremonies, we think children add a certain charm to weddings. They’re cute, they’re honest and they too love to have fun!

Choosing how to entertain your little guests aside, we’ve put together this adorable gallery of things for children at your wedding. Whether they’re your flowers girls and pageboys or not, these ideas are for the bride & groom and children’s parents alike.

Super smart suits for the boys, pretty dresses for the girls, ideas on how they can help, signage they can hold and a bit of inspiration on how children can be part of your big day. How cute are they!

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