Stylish buttonholes for en-trend grooms

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Grooms and flowers, not a combination that you’d naturally put together, but of course a handsome groom and his groomsmen all need a cute buttonhole to finish off their dapper wedding look.

Often a simple flower or a mini floral arrangement is the buttonhole (or boutonniere if you’re French) of choice, created to match the bouquets of the bride and her bridesmaids, but like every other trend in wedding attire, the buttonhole is evolving, groom’s are getting more adventurous and we’re now seeing a variety of unusual and unique buttonholes. From succulents and wild flowers to vintage brooches and personalised pins, men are going all out and showing a bit of their own personalities in the buttonholes they choose.

Our manly gallery shows you how men are doing it in style in 2015. Be individual and rock your own unique look.

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