Spoil your wedding guests with a delicious candy bar!

Spoil your wedding guests with a delicious candy bar!

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I’ve never met anyone that doesn’t like sweets. Whether you can’t live without cola bottles or marvel at the sight of marshmallows, we all have a little guilty pleasure when it comes to something sweet and delicious.

Sweets can be nostalgic and we think adding a bit of nostalgia to your big day is a great thing. Adults and kids alike will be thrilled when you unveil a sweet or “candy bar” at your wedding reception. These little morsels of heaven come in all shapes, sizes and colours so they really are the perfect accompaniment to any style of wedding decor. Pretty pastel flying saucers for a vintage style or colourful rhubarb and custards for a funfair theme, or how about pesonalised M&Ms with your own initials? (yes these really do exist) The list is endless!

Not a huge fan of sweets? Then why not add in your own personal favourite sweet treats, from cupcakes and cake pops to a chocolate fountain and macaroons. Create your day your way by using a unique setting and a variety of jars and vessels for your sweeties. Be creative!

Our yummy gallery will show you just what’s possible when you take a peek inside Zankyou’s own sweet shop!

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