Sottero and Midgley Wedding Dresses 2020: Make A Statement With Luxury Fabrics and Contemporary Cuts

Find a wedding dress which jumps out at you immediately; it can be yours! There is something for every single 21stcentury bride.

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When you first lay your eyes on a wedding dress that speaks to you, you just know. For that moment it feels as though it is just you and the dress, and there is a compulsion that awakens within you and forces you to find out everything about the dress – the fabrics, the country of origin, the retailer and much more. In that same moment, unbeknown to some, you meet a wedding designer who has for years set their aims as producing couture, chic, but also statement, garments for contemporary brides to feel their most comfortable whilst simultaneously feeling like a million dollars.
In this gallery, you may experience that exact sensation! The dresses in this gallery were crafted by the designers at Sottero and Midgley and may have been but an idea sewn over 15 years ago, but there is something for every single 21stcentury bride – from fishtail cuts to luxury lace fabrics.
Each season, Sottero and Midgley works to create impeccably trendy styles for brides with tastes that stretch far and wide. Whether that be for those who want class with a little bit of pop, or for those who want pop with a little bit of class! Take a look through this gallery to find your style for 2020!!

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