Something old, something NEW! Your short wedding dress for 2016 , dress to impress

Something old, something NEW! Dare to be different and dress to impress for your 2016 wedding day with one of these sassy short numbers.

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So, we have recently witnessed the major bridal fashion runways but we just can’t help showcasing some more designs in particular detail. Not only do you need to consider the comfort, look, feel and fit of one of the most important dresses you will ever choose to wear but you must also consider what time of year you are getting married and at what time.

Yes, thats right ladies there is alot more to think of than just the veil and whether you want a long or short train, we must think about what the weather will be like, can I sit down or stand up comfortably but almost most importantly, your wedding theme. The ‘short’ wedding dress seems to be coupled with the 1940´s fashion era with the A line lined skirt that is flirty and fun.

However, have you really thought about having something different? Well we have and what seems to be the most  intriguing design is a short wedding dress and is definitely a style to consider because its sassy, chic, feminine and sexy. It ticks alot of fashion boxes and is also very different from the ever popular long strapless classic.

Have a look through this diverse range from our gallery to help inspire and introduce you to that ‘different’ option and sassy look for your wedding.


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