Scatter your love: Petals for your wedding decor

Scatter your love: Petals for your wedding decor

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Petals are romantic, pretty, elegant and best of all come in all colours and can be adapted to any type of wedding decor or theme.

Not just for throwing at the couple (instead of confetti) either, they can be used in so many different ways to add freshness and vibrancy into your big day.

They can be used to adorn tables and placed into water for beautiful floating centrepieces or they’ll also look incredible lining the benches and aisle of your wedding ceremony, best to check first with the church or ceremony venue though, especially for anywhere indoors.

Or how about going all out and having a pretty petal theme for your big day. Petals on your stationery, petals decorating your cake and even rose petals to flavour your desserts and cocktails.

We think these are the perfect addition to any Spring/Summer wedding, and our gallery will show you just how easy and affordable they are!

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