Popcorn for a wedding worthy of the big screen!

Popcorn for a wedding worthy of the big screen!

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I’ve not yet come across anyone, young or old that doesn’t love popcorn. Toffee, sweet, salty, a mix of the two… what’s not to love!

Popcorn brings with it a sense of nostalgia. Watching movies at the cinema as a child or snuggled up on the sofa watching a DVD, we’ve all been there, done it and absolutely love it. Popcorn has become incredibly popular and a bit of a fashion statement over the last few years. It now comes in a variety of unusual sweet and savoury flavours such as Gin & Tonic and you can even get natural purple popcorn!

Not only extremely low in calories and super cheap to buy, popcorn is healthy and the best thing about it, you can find it everywhere, so why not incorporate this fun snack into your cool wedding. Offer your guests some unusual flavoured savoury popcorn with their welcome drinks, or fill some retro popcorn bags with something sweet for them to munch on during the speeches.

Whether you’re going all out and having a movie themed wedding, or you just want to add a little fun into your big day, have a look at our tasty gallery. We promise it’ll make you rush off to the supermarket and get popping!

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